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Thanks to Coach Mike and Coach John for a great SPY day Friday. Made a little over 100% on the Puts side playing both the expiring weeklies and then the monthlies. Already looking forward to next Friday!
Joe Wall Street,
Hi Coach!
Been gone awhile taking care of my dad and daughter. What a great day to come back! My account started today at $1003.40... It ended today at $1964.00 for a total gain of $960.60!!! Whoo Hoo!!!!

4/4/14 Just one more spyday Friday for another HUGE profit day. In @.23 out @ 1.31!! Big day Big profits.
Had no intention of "utilizing" your services. In fact-Joined with Winning Coach, in order to prove another internet scam. After six months of watching and waiting, (and tripling my portfolio) you win -I win -thank you. Thanks for another winning week. SPY gain 4/4 - $719.00, GS gain $418, . (plus others which you taught me to chart))

Sleepless night are now

So, here,s what i have to say about this service. Coach Mike is the most patient person I have i come in contact with during my trading career and anyone interested in learning to trade would be foolish not to do it through him. Though i am still very much in the developmental stages of trading since joining the coaches roaster my trading success has grown in leaps and bounds, by following some very simple rules and trade strategies he has provided me with. When it comes to one on one attention you will not find anyone more willing to dedicate their time to you. If you are willing to put in the time and effort he will gladly teach you to make money , I know personally my accounts have definitely reflected what I have learned through his service and I cannot express enough how much i appreciate what he has done for me.


Joshua Mincher,
Not a big day but still up almost $200 on SPY. Thanks again for the patient coaching you have provided. My $1000 account Friday morning is now over $2000 end of day Monday! Doubled in 2 days! Could not have done t without you...
SPY on a Monday. I like it. Great trade Coach :-), I made 89% on my SPY puts today. Already up 20% on those WFC puts will dump those this week for even more profit. I need to figure out how to stay home more often so you can help me make money, any suggestions? LOL
Coach Mike! it's been a week since I have conversation with you and here what I have..
P calls in at .90 and out at 1.7
GS puts in avg .63 out at 1.52
CL calls in .80 out at 1.23
within a week! so awesome!
Again, Thank you very much Mike!

Out $186 SPY PUTS for 346% gain. Thanks to Coach Mike, Sneeb and all the moderators for all your help.
Tim L,
Hey Coach, another win on focus group chats.
In P puts at 1.30 and out at 2.04 with 56%. Not bad for 2 days :)
Follow your guides and I can see better now.

Coach Mike! Thank you very much!

wowowowow....Coach Mike....
Another win with focus group... Here..
CVX in avg @.26 and out at. .34
UPS puts in @ .84 and out at 1.31
My account is green now .. Thanks a lot, Mike!

Coach, thanks for the advice in chat today on a good entry for FB puts. I got 3 of the 61.50 puts, sold 2 for a 50% gain, and still have the remaining one at a 257% gain. Also exited our CVX puts for a 32% profit after fees. Keep up the great work advising us!
Howard H.,
April 10, 2014 Coach I would like to simply say THANK YOU for all you do to ensure the success of your members. You and your team have made the intimidating and frustrating world of trading; comprehensive, enjoyable and profitable. The trading room is like an extended family with the atmosphere of learning, sharing, teaching and encouragement. You guys invest a lot of quality time into your members success. Lives are being positively changed because of your desire to generously share your knowledge gained from years of experience. Thanks.
Tammy J.,
Great day today! Trading the Focus Group with Coach Mike and getting lessons in real time is a top notch experience. Coach Mike and his team have surpassed my expectations by far!
Took 50% percent on CVX puts and 50% on SPY puts today! This man has a plan and trades it. Great chart reader and sincerely cares about his subscribers!
I've been doing a lot of watching and learning the last month, and finally dove in this past week. I've had a positive day every day, making over 150% on three different trades today alone - NETing over $1700. Yeah! Thanks SO much Mike for helping me get to this level. I never could have done this without your guidance and help. I'm looking very forward to your continued recommendations, and especially your overall trading experience.
Richard B,
I have made great trades with the focas group alerts, and have learned how to trade on my own with winning results due to what I've learned how to use trend lines and channels. Many Thanks. Brent
Brent Sterling,
I made my first ever trade this week and my account is up 16% in 2 days with CVX
Hey Coach, thanks for the head up on CVX options yesterday. I was at work and a buy at .24 and sold at .32 & .33. Put a little smile on my face during a tough day at work. My phone died and missed the WFC sell so I hope it keeps going today. See you in chat for SPYday Friday... cough-cough, I sick remember, LOL
Coach Mike's alerts this week resulted in realized account growth of 7% for me (including trading fees, a lackluster SPYdy Fridy, and small position sizes).My own trades brought that percentage down a bit, but still not a bad week.
Jared M.,
(Monday, September 09 13 09:12 pm EDT)

Talk about service, this guy never rests. I get a sell alert explaining what portion of my shares to sell and why at 7:30pm eastern so that I can sell before after hours closes in case we repeat the same negative reaction and fall seen back on July 30th. Coach, you are awesome and helped me pay for about 3 years with you on just my single 34% profits with LLEN!

Becky H,
(Monday, September 09 13 04:00 pm EDT)

Sold some more LLEN for profit on your partial sell alert Coach. Dang you are good!

Lancaster (Monday, February 03 14 05:07 pm EST)

in SPY at 1.08 and out at 3.00 and still picked my daughter up from school on time...Booya Stock Coach! DOW and BAC looking nice too.

Cliff (Monday, February 03 14 04:37 pm EST)

Great job on the SPY scalp today - almost 100%. Also, using your trading system my KO, PG, FCX, BAC, YHOO, as well as others are all green and most are up over 50%.

Scott (Monday, February 03 14 04:32 pm EST)

Another great day scalping the SPY up $679.60 for the day Thanks Coach.

Henry A (Monday, February 03 14 04:29 pm EST)

Great job on the SPY 2/7 $177 puts today. 161% profit in a 1 day scalp!

Catherine S. (Monday, February 03 14 04:05 pm EST)

Wow, scalping the SPY with Coach, awesome! Made 101% profit on my day off. Loving it!

Zack (Monday, February 03 14 01:14 pm EST)

I've done 4 different SPY put scalps today none of them under 45% profit.

Daniel (Monday, February 03 14 12:40 pm EST)

I did still hit 42% on LMT calls though from your exit alert sent when markets failed support. You are doing great and my account is proof!

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Tim (Monday, September 16 13 07:24 pm EDT)

Traded GSAT from your chat room recommendation. Sold at $1 even from .909 buy.

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Daniel (Thursday, January 16 14 10:52 pm EST)

Out completely now on AMD from your alert at 3.39 I sold at 4.45

Jennifer (Thursday, January 16 14 04:41 pm EST)

WHOA!!! biggest win ever for me. I took both 250% and 400% on AOL calls.

Nina (Thursday, January 16 14 04:22 pm EST)

Mike- you continue to amaze me with how spot on you are with these trades. When you mentioned that the AOL chart reminded you of the YHOO chart , I immediately bought. Today I sold to free contracts on your recommendation and am currently up over 300% on trade. Thank you so much for all your help!

Richard Marquart (Thursday, January 16 14 11:40 am EST)

Bought 1240 shares of TGRO at .4953 sold 900 shares two days later at .70 and kept 340 free shares.

Zack (Wednesday, January 15 14 06:56 pm EST)

Did well on BAC for an earnings trade. Also sold INTC today on your recommendation for 15% on commons.

CashOnly (Wednesday, January 15 14 12:17 pm EST)

Thanks again for making me confident once again. Still sticking to the small trades and it's a long arduous ordeal to pull yourself out of a hole, but you are rocking it. I am now even more confident that we have some awesome members who are eyeballing our Focus Group trades. We truly are a family.
SPY scalp .95 to 1.05, how you like them crAAPLs. lol
Thanks Coach (Focus Group)

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(Wednesday, August 28 13 08:25 pm EDT)

Paid for 30 months of your service with CVX today Coach..heard about it in chat yesterday

Today April 4, 2014 I finally lost my TRADING VIRGINITY; I took my first live trade on SPYDAY (190/189 strangle) and it was a profitable one. Thanks Coach Mike for the encouragement and guidance.
Tammy J.,
Jacob (Friday, November 08 13 05:34 am EST)

Sold VXX calls for a small profit after it was down a bit. Thanks for talking to me about holding and explaining why. I will take a slight win on what was a big loser any day!

Edward (Wednesday, November 06 13 09:00 am EST)

Hello AAMRQ in at $2.27 out at $9.91 from your alerts. BEN in at $45 and out at $53.50 and $53 from your alerts. And that nice return on SCTY from $29.75 to $64.93. You've made me even richer my friend!Even took AOL from $33.61 to $42 even from your watch list for 10/17.

Mike G (Monday, November 04 13 11:21 pm EST)

Nice trade on GE puts in at .15 out at .20 for a decent little flipper!

John L. (Monday, November 04 13 10:46 am EST)

Great call coach on CVX Puts last week Coach, out with 77% profit..

Cliff (Friday, November 01 13 12:40 pm EDT)

Wanted to give you kudos again for an overall successful week. I was able to withdraw 16k for the purchase of a vehicle and still remain above 30k in the account to keep the PDT status. Couple of the plays include CVX, SHLD, MCD, and of course GE which we turned a losing trade into a winner by flipping from .22 - .29 3 times. Again, thank you so much for your guidance and your teaching methods as they are the best I have seen that actually work and continue to make profits.

Howard (HighTop) (Friday, November 01 13 12:18 pm EDT)

Mike, thanks for your alert for CVX puts yesterday. Got out today and pulled down 61% in a one day trade! Keep up the great leadership!

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Mike G (Saturday, September 28 13 12:55 pm EDT)

Just cashed out another great week with Coach. I sold a small amount of the DIS calls for some profit but held most with you. I also banked by selling my YHOO calls. Keep it up Coach!

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(Thursday, September 05 13 07:05 pm EDT)

Coach, followed you in AKS last week for a simple 10% winner.

Mike G (Monday, September 16 13 11:18 am EDT)

Coach it hit nicely on your LNKD scalp alert today for 67%. Also nice 45% gainer on the JPM calls and 25% on the M calls that I sold so far. Also 20% or so on FSLR calls that we sold so far. I am very happy and can't thank you enough my friend.

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Adriana (Thursday, February 13 14 04:45 pm EST)

Ok coach I make good one 2 times back to back now. I go LMT March 155 calls like you alert. I buy at 1.05 on first time and make 2 other buy 1.15 and 2.35. I sell half them yesterday at 4.55 and sell all rest of them at 5.90 today. I say thank you. I work full time day job and am from the PR so thing is change sometime for you and me. But I follow alert and do good.

BigJohn (Tuesday, February 11 14 04:40 pm EST)

Hey Coach, took 100% profit today on the SPY. You know the SPY like the back of your hand....Nice work and Thank you !

Cubflyer (Tuesday, February 11 14 04:08 pm EST)

account up 200% in three days trading Thanks Coach

Cubflyer (Tuesday, February 11 14 03:01 pm EST)

A Big shout out to Gator for helping me scalp AAPL to the tune of 801.00 TODAY! I like to call these "Gator Bites"

Richard (Monday, February 10 14 08:55 pm EST)

Called GTAT perfectly! Gotta love it!

Adriana (Monday, February 10 14 07:34 pm EST)

You give me Big trade ever off alert for the GTAT. I buy calls at .20 but fill at .17 and 1 month go by and I sell of you alert today with price 1.40. Not sure math just big trade I happy for it

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(Sunday, September 08 13 07:04 pm EDT)

With other chat rooms I am in I pay about 6 times what you charge for getting everything I get in all other rooms and a better win percentage. Time to send cancellation emails to the others you are stuck with me now!

Mike G (Tuesday, September 17 13 10:38 pm EDT)

Took the FB trade you suggested today and sold .03 off the high of the day for a HUGE win for me of nearly 175%

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(Friday, September 06 13 04:14 pm EDT)

Nice trade on GE calls. Easy 20% winner!

Zack (Wednesday, September 18 13 06:36 pm EDT)

Scored big on NUGT calls thanks to your help coach!

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(Wednesday, September 04 13 10:53 pm EDT)

Up almost $50 a contract on YHOO options in less than 4 days- and up $40 a contract on PFE options... thanks coach!!

Christy (Sunday, September 22 13 01:34 pm EDT)

Hit both DRYS and FREE based on your charting Coach. Thank you.

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(Monday, September 09 13 10:41 pm EDT)

Traded YUM from your trade advise this morning. Ran so well I had to sell same day on 9/21 $70 calls from 1.35 to 2.10. one day you must teach me how to do it Coach!

jumped in chat late friday but still managed to pull out 100% on SPY puts. thanks coach!
Cliff (Friday, October 04 13 02:50 pm EDT)

Great call on DIS. Up 25.61% so far since your alert. Keep the great alerts coming!!

Becky H (Thursday, October 03 13 09:50 pm EDT)

Hello big money on SINA, BEAV and P. Officially doubled my account now in 9 weeks now!

Jennifer (Thursday, October 03 13 09:47 pm EDT)

Coach I just wanted to tell you something about the NTEK position I've been building with you in free shares. Today my car took a dump. I was faced with about $1500 in repair bills. I looked at the 87,000 free shares I've built up with you in NTEK and decided that it was better to take $10,440 in cash rather than get a loan. Buying a new car tomorrow. I hated to sell the free shares but it is better than debt.

Zack (Thursday, October 03 13 07:14 pm EDT)

TSLA puts HUGE for me on your alert. 2.45 buy 7.45 sell.

Mike G (Thursday, October 03 13 07:14 pm EDT)

Coach I scored big on your NFLX puts alert buying at 2.10 and selling at 5.50

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(Thursday, September 05 13 07:07 pm EDT)

Followed the people yesterday talking about WFC calls in chat. Nice score on them further showing how great the chat service is!

Thanks for walking us through your reasoning behind the CVX trade today.
Ryan B,
HighTop (Wednesday, September 25 13 03:35 pm EDT)

Great day today! Went with you on the NFLX calls play for a 70% gain, and sold out half of our DOW holdings for a 28% gain. Holding the rest. Thanks, Coach!

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Jacob (Tuesday, September 10 13 10:17 pm EDT)

Just wanted to say thanks for the fact that I have only done 6 trades with you so far and all have been winners. I know that won't always happen but it is an awesome feeling for me. I just joined Friday too!

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Pman (Monday, October 07 13 10:13 pm EDT)

Thanks for your advise on NBG. I made a quick $200 gain by putting in a trailing stop on half my shares. Sold very close to the high of the day.

Jacob (Monday, October 07 13 05:15 pm EDT)

Nice 15% winner on WEST from your buy alert. Thank you Coach.

Jacob (Monday, October 07 13 05:14 pm EDT)

Thank you for EWSI alert. I got in at .031 and sold for some profit and some free shares at .0525

Robert (Monday, October 07 13 05:12 pm EDT)

RVLT and EWSI winners. Thanks Coach!

Azhar Abid (Monday, October 07 13 04:25 pm EDT)

Coach mike is the best teacher I have had in my whole trading career. His alerts are spot on. He makes it his priority to make you a better trader. You will make money just by following his alerts and watch list. His community of traders are excellent and professional. You will never hear pumping in his chat room. Spend a couple weeks with him in chat and you will become a better trader guaranteed!

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(Saturday, September 07 13 12:33 pm EDT)

Big wins for me on Friday thanks to you Coach. LNKD calls, AMZN calls and AAPL calls. Would have even done SPY but was too busy watching the others.

Robert (Wednesday, January 22 14 06:53 pm EST)

Nice coverage of the SPY. I did 4 scalps today from .20 to .27 on 185 calls.

David (Wednesday, January 22 14 06:52 pm EST)

Coach I just realized that the spread we did on P... I was mad about having no bid on the puts but didn't realize I had sold calls for HUGE win a week earlier. I apologize for the mean email I sent you as I guess watching that position expire made me forget about the entire trade and why we held. I got 655% on the calls so 100% loss on puts is nothing.

BigJohn (Tuesday, January 21 14 03:11 pm EST)

Coach, another great SPY trade today. You alerted various plays depending on your level of preference, mine was to snag the 184.5 @ .26 and sold at .5 for a 92% win. Earlier today I also scored a 200% + win DOW Options Swing trade.

Great Job Coach..WooooHoooo

tuan (Tuesday, January 21 14 02:04 pm EST)

Before lunch today when SPY option at .45 coach alert to buy for scalp only and he told us go in small. I did get in .45 sold at .77. I am very happy with coach alert and services. Thank you for all your help Coach.

Zack (Tuesday, January 21 14 12:02 pm EST)

220% on DOW calls for me Coach! WOOHOO!

tuan (Tuesday, January 21 14 09:42 am EST)

Thank you Coach for the Focus Group alert on DOW option. I make $500 this morning I am happy today. Thank you for your alert and your help every night you spend time to help me reading chart and go over my account how much I need to buy and sell. Thank you for all your time and effort to help me.

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+86% on 5/17 P $35 calls, nice call Coach Mike!
Jared M.,
Loving these SPY Friday trades. I was out of town and had to be out of the hotel room, so I only caught the morning part of the trade. After taking into account the full loss of the calls side, I still netted a 139.5% profit from the trade. Then on your alert to sell the GS 4/11 puts, I netted an additional 50.5% gain on that trade! You're rocking it!
Howard H.,
Becky H (Saturday, September 14 13 11:07 am EDT)

Great profits on AKS and SIRI too this week!

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Becky H (Wednesday, September 11 13 04:04 pm EDT)

Another set of winners on RSH and AMD

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Howard H. (Friday, December 13 13 12:39 pm EST)

Another 40% win on the Focus Group trade on ZNGA. I got in at .25 and out at .35. Thanks, Coach!

Jennifer (Friday, December 13 13 11:34 am EST)

Following your focus group trade on ZNGA I made 45% in the trade which resulted in 41% after fees. I bought at .24 and sold at .36. Thank you Coach. You keep changing my life every day!

Steven (Friday, December 13 13 10:28 am EST)

Another winning from your alert, Coach. ZNGA call in at .24 and out at .35 with 45% gain. Even with small account I still can collect $$$ a little by a little :) with full confident. Thank you again Coach!!!

KL (Friday, December 13 13 09:31 am EST)

Thanks Coach!!
Your services are just great!! Not just about winning/losing trades. I was freaking out this morning and your prompt response was much appreciated. How accessible you are is just amazing. You are truly and genuinely interested in your members. A true COACH!!!! Thank you.

Catherine S. (Wednesday, December 11 13 07:17 pm EST)

Just sold my GRPN calls, in at .42 out at 1.12. Awesome!! Thanks Coach, you are a great teacher.

Mike G (Wednesday, December 11 13 12:45 pm EST)

Even though the focus group took a loss on MCP calls we are 2 of 3 and I think that is the first time I have ever executed my trade plan properly. We sold right when we should have and I thank you for that. Made up the loss easy with BAC puts though!

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Becky H (Monday, September 30 13 09:30 pm EDT)

Awesome money on RSOL and LDK thanks to you Coach!

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Daniel (Monday, February 03 14 12:39 pm EST)

Took a small hit on MMM calls, but you explained the risk, kept us small on the buy and got us out in perfect time. For that I am happy.

Lancaster (Friday, January 31 14 09:36 pm EST)

Coach closed out DOW strangle today, calls anyway..in at .67 and out at avg 1.45 thanks for the win!

Scott (Friday, January 31 14 07:43 pm EST)

Coach i bought the 178 calls this afternoon with you at .59 and sold at.90 great call.

Zack (Friday, January 31 14 04:07 pm EST)

Coach I bought the SPY 178 calls with you this morning at .23 and sold at 1.12. I call that a good day!

Jamison (Thursday, January 30 14 07:45 pm EST)

Joined with you 3 weeks ago with $1800 or so and now I have $5182.77. I would call that a good 3 weeks

Zack (Wednesday, January 29 14 07:41 pm EST)

YOU have taught me how to feed my family. I am trading options in the SPY daily now and have gone from a $1000 account when I started to now a $2500 account in 2 months while still taking out $1000 per week as income. I owe you 5 times what you charge.

Andrew (Wednesday, January 29 14 07:36 pm EST)

Nice call on DOW calls. 100% winner here

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Jacob (Wednesday, September 11 13 02:22 pm EDT)

Sold the DD calls from your alert, Half the RSH and sold APP too. Now granted we lost .02 from the alert on APP but you were dead on with your call and letting us know the risk point. But I've now done 9 trades with you and won 8 of them. AWESOME!!!

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(Wednesday, September 04 13 11:58 pm EDT)

I've bought SOL when you called it out a couple months ago and just hit 100% as I loved it so much I just couldn't bring myself to sell it before, finally took some profits today though!

(Tuesday, September 03 13 09:50 pm EDT)

Close to 20% gain this morning off $BIDU calls... thanks Coach!

Jonah (Friday, November 08 13 06:18 am EST)

Something rarely stated on a testimonials section but since you are completely transparent and allow members to post unedited testimonials I am going to test that with no disrespect Coach. I have been with Coach for 2 months now.

I have taken my account up from $2200 to $6300 from August 27th when I joined to 10/31. Since then Coach has been very patient and we haven't done many trades but with good reason that he has explained time and time again.

I am currently in both of the only two losing trades I have ever made with Coach. One of them, based on my average I am down just 6% and for an options trade that is truly nothing. There is one other that we bought some puts on and the stock took off. Coach patiently waited for a good time and averaged us down from our buy at .40 to where we were at .18 for me on his secondary buy at .09. We sold half of them at .15 and then it slipped again. We are down but not out although just a week from expiration. And I can honestly say that I tried to be angry and I simply couldn't be.

The point is that as I evaluated what has happened in my account even with the $430 I am down right now in current positions, I can actually find no reason what so ever to be angry at him. And to be honest even more, if I see this testimonial end up on his website, it will do nothing but assure me he is as transparent as they come.

I've been a member in some other chat rooms in the past, actually was how I met Coach. I saw the losing trades outweigh the winning trades at time 6 or 7 to 1. I followed those alerts too and took my life savings down from $45,000 to where I started here in just 6 months with those other places. When I had a losing trade and asked questions about it I was told "no one made you buy it" or "you could have sold it at any time" and even my favorite " " yes that is a blank for they ignore me and just move on. Usually the evening of these occurances I would see email after email from the owner of the site advertising all these winning trades and nothing about the losers.

You want to know what speaks volumes for Coach? He is doing a free trial to his chat room this week. And even in front of those coming to try out his service he still talks about the losing trades. He actually recognizes that he isn't perfect.

Well all I have to say is that is perfect. My account is up since joining, that is perfect. I've played all but maybe 10 of his alerts since joining and I've had 2 that may lose but even that isn't for sure yet and he follows up on them several times per day to let people know he is still in them with us and what his plan is, and that is perfect. I am for the first time since joining seeing a couple red spots in my account and after the streak of wins this guy has put together for me personally, that is perfect!

So without a doubt, Coach is a strait up kind of guy. And I am actually writing a testimonial about losing trades. And I even bet he allows it to be on his website because that is just how he is.

If you think you will join a service anywhere and never see a losing trade, YOU ARE WRONG! And if someone implies to you that they never have losing trades, THEY ARE LIARS!

If I am counting things up correctly I have now made 134 individual Buys on 82 different alerts made by Coach since I joined. And I even play pretty small due to my account size. And I have personally had 2 that seemed to be losers and we haven't sold them yet.

I was at rock bottom when I joined Coach's site. I was literally ready to quit even trying to trade because of how much I lost following alerts from the service I so thankfully have cancelled my subscription to. And Coach has inspired me day in and day out.

All of those losses on my life savings and I need money. I have been unemployed for over 2 years and haven't had a check in some time. But Coach has even worked with me personally on a strategy to begin paying myself a regular paycheck once he helps get my account up to $10,000.

If you are looking to join a place where there is nothing but winning trades, good luck finding one. If you actually look at what is out there, the only ones reasonably priced lock you in to long term commitments on your subscriptions and Coach does none of that. 1 month at a time and if you don't like it there is no additional commitment.

But folks it is worth it!

I didn't want this entire ramble to sound like I was being rude, it was actually yet another way to show in a testimonial that I am greatful and honestly to show how transparent Coach is with his service.

So yep, I am right now not enjoying 2 losing trades. 1 of them is actually down pretty badly as we speak. But I will continue to play each and every alert he makes that I can catch because even if I lose 100% of both of these trades I am still able to say I have almost tripled my account in 2 months since joining. And I am not the only one! Just read below and you will see.

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(Thursday, September 05 13 12:00 am EDT)

Coach said in chat "I made a bad trade and got lucky" by holding his NKE calls through market gap down last week. I will take that luck any day when I can cash out at better than a 50% gain.

Zack (Monday, September 16 13 11:29 am EDT)

Nice profit on JPM, M and FSLR this morning!

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Jerry (Monday, September 09 13 11:57 pm EDT)

I can't say enough about Coach Mike and the support i have gotten from the rest of the team!

It's unprecedented for me. The other day i was at a crossroads in a position i was holding (EWSI) and Coach literally walked me through selling into FREE SHARES step-by-step!!! And while in the chat room i could feel the support and play-by-play comments from the rest of the team.

That was a major goal on my checklist as a trader and i got it done!!!

This service is just wonderful. I am by no means where i want to be as a trader (and i have a lot of $$$ on the line BTW which is nerve racking). Having Coach and the rest of the team as an unconditional resource to me is invaluable. Cheers!
-Jerry 2.0

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njy113 (Wednesday, September 25 13 04:51 pm EDT)

3 out of 3 NFLX call scalps for me today thanks to Coach!! Thanks for showing me how to draw the correct channel and teaching me how to buy when it's at the bottom and sell when it's toward the top. You're a GREAT teacher!

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nina (Thursday, September 12 13 10:31 pm EDT)

Out of Pandora calls for over 200% since Coach alerted it... !! Nice gain for a 3 day hold... :)

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Tim (Monday, September 30 13 09:31 pm EDT)

Big score on ZLCS Coach. I only sold half on your sell alert at .95 from the .75 buy and sold another half today at 1.20. Have 1/4 remaining now.

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Jacob (Tuesday, September 24 13 09:06 pm EDT)

Sold RAD on your alert today at $5.00 from $3.44 buy in. With all respect to my wife... I love you

Loaded From Previous Website,
Jennifer (Wednesday, September 11 13 06:41 pm EDT)

Sold those DD calls for a nice profit. Thanks Coach!

Loaded From Previous Website,
(Thursday, September 05 13 04:12 pm EDT)

I held RSOL with you and was glad to cash out for the 13% gain. Thanks Coach

Rucker (Thursday, October 03 13 10:58 am EDT)

Sneeb & Mike...just want to say that I am in 3 rooms at any given time and you guys are head and shoulders above them with the way you look after your peeps with your continous input.

StockGuy (Thursday, October 03 13 12:38 am EDT)

Best part of the chat service is you learn and CoachMike SPENDS time with you. There are no stupid question and I just love sitting and watching him do chart!

Daniel (Wednesday, October 02 13 11:22 pm EDT)

NTEK 24% winner, P calls 75% winner and ZLCS 40% winner.

Tim (Wednesday, October 02 13 11:13 pm EDT)

Booya NTEK for another winner from the Coach!

Loaded From Previous Website,
(Monday, September 09 13 07:39 pm EDT)

Only had 2000 shares of LLEN left but I just sold 1000 of them at $3.25 from $2.26 for a little 44% winner winner chicken dinner

Mike G,
Zack (Thursday, September 26 13 10:23 pm EDT)

Up 26% in my account total this week alone Coach. You alert it, I buy it. You alert to sell, I sell it. And my account keeps getting bigger. DD, DIS, DOW and more BEAV today. Plus you killed it on NFLX scalps yet again.

Loaded From Previous Website,
TheContrarian (Thursday, September 26 13 10:08 am EDT)

Got in DD with Mike @0.62 calls, out 0.77 Thank you sir!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Jennifer (Monday, September 16 13 01:18 pm EDT)

Trailing stop triggered on RSH for another awesome winner while at work! Thanks Coach

Loaded From Previous Website,
Robert (Monday, January 20 14 03:38 pm EST)

I just wanted to thank you for all the time you devote to members. I logged on 15 different times or so this weekend only to see you helping members or working on chart studies in the chat room each time. And here it is a market holiday and you are still available to members spending most of the day answering questions and explaining trading disciplines. Based on the work put in by other services I have CANCELLED my memberships to since joining you, the time you spend for your members alone is worth more than you are charging me. Thanks Coach!

Andrew (Saturday, January 18 14 11:48 pm EST)

Well I let those SIRI $4 calls expire worthless so took a full hit on that. But I did play your alert on the $3.50 calls and took 140% on them so overall up 40% in how it was played. Hoped for better, but still acceptable

BigJohn (Saturday, January 18 14 12:27 am EST)

Hey Coach another great trade on the SPY. Your Training on the SPY options the other day was fantastic. I just took away a 169% Options scalp today. Thanks Coach for all the Training, advice and all the time you spend with each member. Your dedication is second to none. Thank you Thank you..

Robert (Thursday, January 16 14 10:56 pm EST)

You know how I know I am in the right place Coach? Went to another chat room tonight for some "free trial" spam they sent me only to watch the same power point presentation they give every time they do that and listen to them talk about the 2 or 3 best trades they ever made as if that is typical, and the first thing I see is them bashing you out of the blue. Never heard you say anything bad about them yet I see right when I logged in them having an announcement specfically bashing you. You know what that tells me? That you make yourself look good with what you do, and they can only make themselves look good by trying to make you look bad. Well I lost over 60% of my portfolio in a different one of their char rooms in the past and all they said was it was always my fault. I've made all that back and doubled the account again with you. So they can go to hell as far as I am concerned.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Becky H (Tuesday, September 17 13 11:40 am EDT)

Followed you on MS for some nice money in profits and on the covered calls. My portfolio will never be the same since meeting you!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Howard H. (Monday, December 09 13 03:01 pm EST)

Great guidance on the DOW trade. Made 2 buys that gave me a .89 average. Sold 2 on your alert at 1.30 and held one. Sold the last one at 1.36 for an average return of 48%. Thanks again!

Zack (Sunday, December 08 13 12:46 pm EST)

Coach I just wanted to let you know that I played puts on JPM based on your comentary of the financial sector Friday. Sold half of them up 35% to take some quick profits. Thanks again for all you do.

Jennifer (Thursday, December 05 13 04:52 pm EST)

Super excited about the new focus group. I have already used your teachings personally to do a small version of this myself and I know it is going to work great for everyone involved.

Zack (Wednesday, December 04 13 11:49 am EST)

Traded AMZN this morning based on what you alerted. I bought 395 calls at 1.15 but had to leave abruptly so I sold them at 1.65. Thanks!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Mike G (Friday, September 13 13 03:16 pm EDT)

Hit a 3rd NFLX scalp with you coach for 125% gain! You are awesome!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Cliff (Tuesday, October 08 13 06:49 pm EDT)

I would like to thank you Coach for a very informative intra-day lesson today. I really appreciate the way you take the time to simply explain trading. My experience(s) in another venue is nothing compared to what you offer. The willingness to teach and offer advice on a one on one basis is absolutely above and beyond what anyone could ever ask for. I will definitely be taking your teaching/advice and applying it to my portfolio. Also, I would like to thank you for the alert on LNKD right before class. I was able to scalp it twice (during the class) based on your scalp chart set up for a little over $400.00 profit. I agree with several of the other testimonials as you and your services have already and will continue to change my life and I can't thank you enough for all that you have done.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Wow, what a day. This is my first testimonial after having been with the service for 1 month, and 1 week. I will be honest I was at the point of leaving the service today, due to absolute fear of losses and frustration of some recent trades and losing positions I was holding. However, Coach John and Coach Mike ran the Spy Friday and it turned out amazing today. I just switched my broker over to etrade so I have no idea how to check my exact % gains, but I made WELL OVER 100% today following the guidance of the Coaches. This has given me the confidence to stick around, and look forward to Fridays again. Thanks so much for the big win today guys, I really needed it and my bank account thanks you. Cheers
Aaron H.,
tuan (Tuesday, December 10 13 09:49 am EST)

Thank you Coach for creating a focus group in 4c @ .50 for GRPN out at .77. I love the way you focus on us and help us build out account back up. Thank you again.

KL (Tuesday, December 10 13 09:49 am EST)

Thanks for setting up the focus group Coach!!! Great confidence booster. I was about to give up.

Steven (Tuesday, December 10 13 09:47 am EST)

So good to be a winning trade Coach... in GRPN @.48 and out @.84 with 75% gain... This win not only a profit but building my confident too. Thank you very much Coach.

lancaster (Tuesday, December 10 13 09:47 am EST)

just got out of the 1st focus group trade for 53.88% after commissions..great idea coach

Mike G (Monday, December 09 13 08:24 pm EST)

Awesome win on DD Coach! I had a .85 average and missed your first reduction. I got out of all contracts at 1.40

DoWattDaddy (Monday, December 09 13 04:54 pm EST)


I used to be a serial penny stock player. But as the risk to reward became less and less attractive, I found myself looking for better r/r ratios with better returns. As a direct result of your teachings, I have made more money in options in the last month than I had made the previous 6 months! I love the new focus group you have put together as well! I am definitely a satisfied customer!


Loaded From Previous Website,
Jacob (Thursday, September 12 13 11:49 am EDT)

Sold ACLS, NTEK, RSH and RVLT off your alerts today Coach. If you aren't keeping track I am. That's 12 of 13 winning trades since I joined you and the 1 loss was literally $0.02. You are the man!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Mike G (Thursday, September 26 13 10:19 pm EDT)

More big sells with Coach. Sold more BEAV for 94%, All out of DOW for 82%, Flipped some DD for 20%. Keep it up my trading account is loving this action. Up 58% total in my account in 3 weeks.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Again and Again, 4 days in a roll profits in our lovely SPY!!!Thanks Coach!! :)
Marcelo ,
Becky H (Thursday, September 26 13 10:23 pm EDT)

Out HSOL from the watch list at 4.20. Another big winner for me.

Loaded From Previous Website,
nina (Thursday, September 12 13 10:33 pm EDT)

Opened an AAPL swing today on Mike's recommendation-within 5 minutes I was literally up $50 a contract. Can't wait to see what percent we get when we close this trade out!

Loaded From Previous Website,
guess what?? killed Facebook again lol :) thanks MIke!!
Zack (Tuesday, January 14 14 04:43 pm EST)

Thanks for 100% on SPY calls

Richard Marquart (Tuesday, January 14 14 01:57 pm EST)

Bought WEN at 8.46 and sold at 8.86 for a nice little gain.

Lancaster (Tuesday, January 14 14 12:40 pm EST)

Another 6 months subscriptions paid off those SPY calls:
b=.44 s=.89 and $1.00
Nice call there Mr. Coach!

CashOnly (Tuesday, January 14 14 10:36 am EST)

I had a nice trade on FCX from 6-9 January that I didn't get posted. .63 to .83.
Thanks Coach for the SPY call in .43 out .60.
I can see the light. Thanks Coach. (Focus Group)

Marcus (Monday, January 13 14 11:00 pm EST)

Thanks Coach for JOEZ. $1.08 to $1.28 here for me. Nice one!

Mike G. (Monday, January 13 14 08:27 pm EST)

Nice call on CVX puts Coach. I doubled up on them.

Edward (Monday, January 13 14 08:10 pm EST)

I just wanted to say thank you for a couple. After seeing the markets falling today I sold my second set of INSY bounce at $36 at $45.85 today. I also followed your F and WEN alerts, both for gains. You have a gift and I thank GOD every day I get to be a recipient of it. Thank you again my friend.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Very busy SPY Day Friday today. Left a testimonial on my earlier SPY trades. Just had to mention my last SPY trade today which was a 400% gainer. Entered the 188.50 Puts at 0.13 and sold them at 0.65! Thank You Coach!
Joe WallStreet,
Zack (Saturday, February 22 14 12:35 pm EST)

After 2 super successful weeks of the SPY strangle we had a tough one Friday. Personally I am not worried about it because I followed your rules for trading it. And I will gladly follow you in it each week. I am glad you asked us to leave a testimonial even on losing trades. To me that truly shows you honesty and transparency. So let me tell people the impact it had on me.

Coach told us to use very small amounts of money for this trade because nothing is ever a guarantee, but we were working to exploit an anomoly he has found over weeks of study.

Week 1 I used $300 and turned that $300 into $862 after all broker fees were paid.

Week 2 was last week. I used $300 and turned that $300 into $596 after all broker fees were paid.

So at this point following exactly what Coach Mike told us to do and ALWAYS using the same amount of money I am up $858 dollars on this one simple trade each Friday while never using more than $300.

Yesterday we followed the same rules using the same amount of money that made us so much already. On our first buy we were up nearly double at the high but we were waiting for opportunity to get 2 more buys in. Sadly the markets literally went sideways all day. I used the same amount of money, $300 and after all broker fees were paid, using the exact buy and sells that Coach gave us, I was left with $106.

So in 3 weeks of performing the exact same trade, and never using more than $300 to perform it, as that was my starting amount. I am still up $664 which truly means it could completely fail twice more and I would still have made a profit following him.

So even though he asked us to leave a testimonial on his website for both winning trades and losing trades, understand I will gladly do that, but want to explain that the risks were explained, how to play it was explained and it just didn't work out this time.

Loaded From Previous Website,
I left early to eat lunch with my 8year old at school, came back and banked 50% on your SPY scalp..awesome trade Coach!
Another Winner.....boomm 200% !!! Made huge profits on Spy and Facebook today!!! Awsome Friday!!!
Thanks Coach MIke.

Bill Reese (Tuesday, October 01 13 11:04 am EDT)

Solid profit on RSOL calls from Coach Mike's alert....he stays on top of his alerted trades, describes clear entries and exits with no front-loading nonsense, and is helpful to traders in chat and through detailed watch lists. No bs, a real deal to make money trading...

Loaded From Previous Website,
Lancaster (Wednesday, September 11 13 02:51 pm EDT)

out 16 cons CVX at .30 from .23 added 4 more freebies...now riding 27 free Oct. contracts.....weeeee

Loaded From Previous Website,
Daniel (Monday, September 23 13 09:13 pm EDT)

Couldn't take it anymore Coach. I just had to sell RAD. Got in on your $3.41 alert and out at $4.84 today.

Loaded From Previous Website,
nina (Tuesday, October 01 13 08:53 pm EDT)

Such a great day in chat!! You're missing out if you aren't a member in this room. 4 for 4 today on NFLX scalps- up over 10% on swings entered this morning and sold one swing for over a 60% win!!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Robert (Friday, November 15 13 04:54 pm EST)

Traded SIRI commons based off of your options alert. Sold at end of day for a nice little chunk even though you didn't sell your options. Thanks for the alert and the explanations of it.

Jacob (Friday, November 15 13 04:52 pm EST)

Didn't want to hold over the weekend and enjoyed the profit. Thanks for the FMCC alert!

Mike G (Friday, November 15 13 04:18 pm EST)

Also special thanks to you Nina. Nina Nina bo bina you made some money for meeya! Thanks for the DOW calls.

Mike G (Friday, November 15 13 04:16 pm EST)

Wow awesome trades on C and even LINE that I am in with you. Loving it sir!

Becky H (Thursday, November 14 13 09:19 am EST)

All out of AAMRQ now from your alerts. I was a bit late buying at $3.05 but sold at $13.00 even

Becky H (Thursday, November 14 13 09:17 am EST)

Got out of ARC at $8.10 from the $4.60 entry from your watch list. Thanks again for more big money!

Becky H (Tuesday, November 12 13 07:50 pm EST)

Another winner even during the slow times with ARTX. thanks Coach

Mike G (Tuesday, November 12 13 07:50 pm EST)

Scared me a minute on the C calls, but with the scale ins I banked 48% total on the position. Happy as always!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Moss (Monday, October 07 13 10:22 pm EDT)

I have a full time job which makes it difficult for me to babysit my positions through the day or sometimes, even days. I used to be worried in the past to hold my positions and not watch them through the day (or days) and it was stressing me out.

Coach works really hard on his watch lists and is always available for help in his chatroom to help you enter/exit trades that would maximize the profits and minimize the losses. Must I say I've been getting sound sleep these days as I feel confident I've held stocks at minimum risk.

Some examples in the recent past are perfect entries/exits on DIS and TSLA where I woke up to 2 grands in the green.

In fact, making money is one thing, what relieves me more is that I've managed to limit my risks even on the 'red-est' of market days that helps me keep my portfolio robust to harvest your positions when the market turns your way.

Kudos to Coach.

Loaded From Previous Website,
I just wanted to share my honest experience and thoughts as a new trader and a new member of Coach Mike's service: I've been trading options here for 3 weeks now, and last week was my first green week, which I am excited to hopefully continue. I feel like I am definitely progressing as a new trader, learning something new every day in CM's chatroom, and I still have yet to take advantage of all of the educational videos available. I have won and lost on focus group trades, day trades, and SPYdy Fridy strangles, but I'm confident I'll have more winners than losers as time goes on and I continue to learn. For new traders, don't expect to see the same results as veteran traders as soon as you start. You might take a few beatings before you see a streak of wins. As with a lot of skills you learn, you're going to have to put some effort in before you see the results you want. With Coach Mike's knowledge, experience, and willingness to talk to you one-on-one, I think the only limits on me (and anyone else looking at this service) becoming a great trader are dedication and a willingness to learn.
Jared M.,
Howard (HighTop) (Thursday, November 21 13 12:36 pm EST)

While you were gone, Sneeb and Nina did a terrific job in the chat room. Sneeb alerted a call on Tuesday for CELG. I picked up 1 contract for $380 and closed it out in two days at $680, for a 74% gain after fees. Great guidance throughout the trade from Sneeb and Nina! Job well done and greatly appreciated!

Daniel (Thursday, November 21 13 08:24 am EST)

Sold EWSI to free shares at .075. I know you weren't here due to baby being born but I knew .077 was first target and saw weakness from your buy alert.

Zack (Wednesday, November 20 13 07:08 am EST)

JPM calls and CVX calls I posted 75% profits on both. Excellent alert my friend.

Mike G (Wednesday, November 20 13 07:07 am EST)

Did very well on C calls posting better than a 100% win. Great call Coach.

Jennifer (Wednesday, November 20 13 06:59 am EST)

Great trade on CVX calls. Made 80%!

Dr.T (Monday, November 18 13 02:26 pm EST)

Hvent done welllast 2 months.Really took a baD hit on ARIA

Haley (Friday, November 15 13 05:10 pm EST)

First testimonial from me. I joined after your trial and in one week made $329. When I joined I had $1200 in my account so I take that as a good deal.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Mike G (Wednesday, September 18 13 06:38 pm EDT)

Did you ever know you are my hero? I played BAC calls-winner, UA calls-winner, AMZN calls-big winner and even got in NFLX after you recommended it-winner. I feel bad only paying what you charge for this service.

Loaded From Previous Website,

Ran GS for 52% and the SPY for 51% today. Thanks for the training and guidance.

John L,
(Sunday, September 08 13 02:27 pm EDT)

Hi Coach! Just wanted to let you know that based on your watch lists I followed several of the trades you have given me.

EA from 7/29 list I bought Sept 21 $25 call at 1.58 average on 7/30 and sold 8/26 at 3.00 average for about a 90% winner.

EAT from 7/29 list I bought Sept 21 $40 calls at 1.90 on 7/31 and sold 8/2 at 4.15 average for a 118% winner.

GT from 7/29 list I bought shares on 7/29 at $16.80 and sold half my position on 9/4 at $20.70.

RSH from 8/2 list I got RSH on 8/8 at $2.67 and sold half on 8/26 at $3.43.

VRNG from 8/2 list I got in at $3.36 on 8/2 and sold all on 8/5 on the gap up at $3.82 for a 13% gain.

ARTX from your 8/5 list I got in on 8/8 at $1.70 and sold on 8/13 at $2.58 for about 52% profit.

DRYS from your 8/5 list I got at $1.97 on 8/6 and sold half on 8/16 at $2.11. Bought again 8/22 at $2.16 and sold with you 9/6 at $2.92.

Got in MCOX on 8/12 at $4.80 and sold same day at $7.25 for another 51% profit.

LDK from the 8/9 list I got in on 8/9 at $1.53 but didn't sell on the gap up the next day and ended up selling for a slight loss which was totally my fault. Bought again 8/20 at $1.54 and sold 8/22 at $1.68 to make it back!

TAT from your 8/14 list I got at $.8488 on 8/14 and could have hit $1.00 but ended up selling on 8/26 for about $0.95 but still a 12% gain.

Took a small loss trading your 8/19 trade plan on SNV buying on 8/20 at $3.41 and selling 8/26 at $3.39.

When you alerted MJNA on 8/29 from your 8/26 list I bought at 0432 and sold 8/30 at .0519 for a 20% winner.

Got in LLEN on 8/28 from your 8/26 list at $2.31 and sold half my shares on 9/6 at $2.66.

From your 9/3 list I got in AKS on 9/5 at $3.33 and sold half on 9/6 at $3.49.

EGLE from 9/3 list I bought 9/4 at $3.94 and sold 9/6 at $5.17 for like 30% profit.

I also hit about half that run on ZLCS from your watch list last week.

There are a couple others I am holding still that I am up on and one I am down just a small amount on.

And I will say too that I have had about 5 total trades in this time that went for losses and 4 of the 5 losses were under 5% and the other was around 30% on an options alert you said to go in small on so it was no big deal.

My point is, Thank you Coach for the time you spend doing these watch lists and trading planners. I can't be in chat so I study them a lot. Sometimes I get your alerts too via twitter so keep them coming.

Mike G,
Adriana (Wednesday, January 08 14 07:49 pm EST)

I play SKTO with Coach. Make $500 to $1465 after the fee. Yes very good

Jennifer (Wednesday, January 08 14 07:37 pm EST)

Sold CVX puts for 40% gainer. Thanks Coach!

Marcus (Wednesday, January 08 14 07:36 pm EST)

Out SKTO 245% profits!!!

Becky H (Wednesday, January 08 14 07:26 pm EST)

Sold EVC today for a great profit!

Daniel (Wednesday, January 08 14 07:25 pm EST)

SKTO rocket ship!!! Cashed out to free shares after a 300% gain!

CashOnly (Wednesday, January 08 14 07:12 pm EST)

I sold DOW puts today from .95 to 1.15. For any of you who may be thinking the 2 trades I sold today were scalps, you would be wrong. I bought DOW 2 weeks ago. C turned into a 2 day scalp. See Coach patience is paying off.
I would just like to add that I have had a couple of losers through no one's fault but mine. Tried to hang on to some dead cat's and hoping. Well I'm learning, it's better to learn to trade than to jump in and hope for the best. Focus Group rocks!
Thanks CoachMike

Loaded From Previous Website,
nina (Tuesday, September 10 13 11:36 am EDT)

Up over $300 just TODAY in my $GE calls.... sold to FREE contracts, gotta love the coach!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Johnathan B. (Friday, February 14 14 03:18 pm EST)

Today Mike helped me find a low on the SPY and that gave me a buy in point and at the end of today I sold for a $200 profit. Thanks!

Johnathan B. (Friday, February 14 14 03:16 pm EST)

Mike kept me from freaking out and selling on a $500 loss when the options I was in gapped down over night. Because I held like Mike would, I turned a $500 loss into a $20 gain!!! So in 4 hours Mike helped me really make $520 that day.

richard marquart (Friday, February 14 14 03:05 pm EST)


Lancaster (Friday, February 14 14 03:00 pm EST)

BIGGGG week this week Coach..in XOM at .50 and out at .97. FridaySPYday I followed you for a total of 94.0654% net profits
Very nice Valentine's Day!

Tim L (Friday, February 14 14 01:55 pm EST)

Another SPY Strangle win for Friday. 24% profit.
Thanks Coach!

Loaded From Previous Website,
(Monday, September 09 13 09:20 pm EDT)

This is Terry again. I am not even home yet to sign up from the last free trade you gave me and from the watch list you gave me last night I buy LLEN at $2.75 today and then you send me email at 7:40pm telling me it is up a lot and to sell half of what I buy for nice profit. I have no even paid yet. I wonder what he does when you really pay him for the service. Can't wait to get home and join.

HighTop (Tuesday, September 24 13 03:08 pm EDT)

Out the RAD option we were in with 100% gain. WTG Coach!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Zack (Thursday, September 12 13 10:45 am EDT)

Followed your advise and sold half my NTEK at .094 from .073 buy. Thanks!

Loaded From Previous Website,
(Monday, September 09 13 07:25 pm EDT)

Got you email to sell LLEN on big news after hours. Sold half my shares at 3.35 for about a 50% winner!

Mike G (Tuesday, September 17 13 10:12 am EDT)

Don't be mad about GS coach. I will take 20% on a trade any day! Thanks for the alert.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Nina (Monday, October 07 13 10:41 pm EDT)

I met Mike in the middle of July thru another venue. I made some winning trades, but the losers began to kill my account and by the beginning of September my trading account had become almost depleted. Mike went out of his way to help me and we developed a trade plan based on allocating my portfolio into different sectors for both the long and short term. I really liked Mike and his way of teaching, so I funded my account (yet again :)) and started over with a new way of thinking.

With Mike's help, I bought multiple options that were as far as 6 months out (so as not to tie up funds by purchasing commons) which I subsequently both sold for profit and also executed for common shares. He helped me step-by-step and even taught me to write covered calls on my positions to make even more money....!! Just one of the many positions he advised me on went up close to $8 in about 4.5 weeks! I made money by selling my option contracts for a great profit, executed my common shares at a great price, and sold covered calls- all on that some one position!!

Not even 2 months from that conversation with Mike, and I have nearly doubled my $15k account. He has helped me so much... I can't write enough on this or any testimonial to show him my extreme gratitude for what he has taught me, shown me, and given me. Him taking the time out to really help me and teach me has changed my life!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Mike G (Tuesday, February 18 14 11:54 am EST)

Bought 25 GS Feb 22 '14
$167.50 Calls @ .37
Sold @ .50 - Gain $269

scott (Tuesday, February 18 14 11:53 am EST)

HI Coach traded GS this morning with you in at .34 sold .54 thanks again for all the hard work

Marcelo (Tuesday, February 18 14 11:53 am EST)

One more time thanks Coach Mike Another winner..P calls 300% profit!!

BigJohn (Tuesday, February 18 14 11:52 am EST)

Coach got in the GS calls bought @ .35 sold @ .51 for a nice little 46% scalp. Great call this AM..

Nina (Saturday, February 15 14 11:12 am EST)

Mike, thank you so much for all your help and guidance- both personally and professionally... You are the best!

Friday has now become my favorite day of the week due to your SPY strangle... Amazing how members are requesting certain days off from work to be in chat with you!! :)

Edward (Friday, February 14 14 06:15 pm EST)

Banked $55k on LMT calls today. Thanks boss

Loaded From Previous Website,
Rest assured I am still here. I noticed myself struggling somewhat with the trades I have been taking. Scalping really is the luck of the draw for me or should I say just pulling the damn trigger to make it happen. I had small successes with it and now I backed off to make swing trades my mission for success. Thanks Coach for everything. Still getting there. Sold my FCX call today .65 to .95. I will take it and look for another swing entry.
Thanks again Coach

Edward (Sunday, September 22 13 01:30 pm EDT)

Thanks to Coach I got in MS and YHOO very close to their last bottoms. Even made good money on covered calls for both thanks to him that expired worthless for the buyer and padded my positions in both.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Tim (Sunday, September 22 13 11:31 pm EDT)

Hit EXMCQ again thanks to you. Literally sold 75% of my shares at the exact top Friday, never done that before. Going to let the rest ride a bit to see if this cash cow will give me more!!!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Cliff (Friday, October 18 13 03:07 pm EDT)

Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your trading style as well as the way you "coach" our trade plan entries/exits. I generally have appointments through out the day and can't watch the trade all the times. However, based on your advice with several trades, I have made more money the past few weeks than I have this whole year. Again, I would like to thank you for your calls on DIS, GE, GS, DD, QIHU, and several others. Keep up the great play calling!!!

Tom Rucker (Friday, October 18 13 12:55 pm EDT)

Mike....did not understand your trading style when I first heard about you, but the longer I listen to you it seems the more I win!!

Edward (Friday, October 18 13 12:07 pm EDT)

Just sold some of my FSLR with you Coach. Bought at $38.50 sold at $49.50. Now that's a good day my friend.

KL (Friday, October 18 13 09:44 am EDT)

Thank you Coach!!! My first Option trade and I made almost 100% Good coaching, good teaching. Thank you!! Slowly making some money.You have taught me an important lesson: the double edged sword of patience and not to be greedy.

Cliff (Friday, October 18 13 09:38 am EDT)

WOW! First time ever making this type of money on a trade. Traded LnKD for a very hefty profit. In at $1.75. Out at $6.45. Thanks again Coach for ALL of your teaching and mentorivg.

Loaded From Previous Website,
(Friday, September 06 13 12:23 pm EDT)

Guess even I can be happy for something. Thanks to Sneeb's alert on DRYS I got in at $2.43 and sold this morning at $2.93.

Coach Mike,
Zack (Wednesday, September 25 13 12:27 pm EDT)

Hit your sells from the alerts on FSLR 45%, DOW 42% and BEAV 50%. So pumped right now! And still holding some of all of them!

Loaded From Previous Website,
(Thursday, September 05 13 12:10 am EDT)

Coach-I have traded for about 5 years now and you taught me more in 2 of your classes than I have ever learned on my own. I just watched the video lesson from tonight after also being with you live. Minimal risk trades, patience and planning.

Loving Fibonacci,
Lancaster (Thursday, December 26 13 09:40 am EST)

in FCX calls at avg .28 just sold today for .50 probably sold too soon but man do I like the focus group that you've created...nice call Coach..it's still Christmas at my house..lol

John L. (Sunday, December 22 13 12:16 am EST)

Thanks Coach for the Strangle play on TSLA as I too made good money on this trade. I think something more valuable is that you are teaching us how to trade. My confidence is up 1000% compared to 2 months ago. My knowledge on Fibonacci's and Channel trading has given me the confidence to trade. Forget Penny stocks, you are teaching us how to trade big board stocks and how we can be successful. Even with little money, you can increase your net worth. Thanks Coach.

Howard H. (Thursday, December 19 13 03:15 pm EST)

Coach, thanks for leading us through a strangle play on TSLA yesterday. I had never done one before but felt confident on doing it as you explained it. Took 2 contracts of 155 calls @ .48 and 2 140 puts @ .44. Exited the calls side this morning for a $58 loss. This afternoon I sold 1 call for a $123 profit. Stopped out of the second one later for $131 profit. Fees were high for a small trade, as there were 5 trades in/out, but after fees I still netted $150, a 74% return on a $200 one day trade. Awesome! Thanks for your help with this! You're great!

Daniel (Monday, December 16 13 09:43 pm EST)

Sold the first 4 trades I entered as a member here today. Sold BAC 1/18 $13 call bought at 1.25 at 2.28. Sold INTC 1/18 $22 call bought at 1.40 at 2.65, Sold PFE 1/18 $28 call bought at 1.60 at 2.60 and then there was the little one... YHOO 1/18 $27 call bought at 1.01 and sold today for 12.60

Marcus (Sunday, December 15 13 10:54 pm EST)

Coach, Joined with you 2 weeks ago. Have made 5 trades and my account is up 31%. Thanks!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Jennifer (Wednesday, September 25 13 01:30 pm EDT)

Nice sell on DOW calls. Hit both your sells with you and still holding 1/4. 85% winner cashed in so far!!!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Robert (Tuesday, September 10 13 12:48 pm EDT)

Sold half of my ACLS at $2.30 from $1.97 buy from Coach alert!

Loaded From Previous Website,
(Sunday, September 08 13 04:04 pm EDT)

Hello my name is Terry. I am not yet a member of this site but took advantage of a trade you had on your watch list that you shared with free list members last week. Was an easy 15% and I am happy to be joining you this week!

Just want to say that i have had quite a week. From Tues through Fri I have made 65% on GSputs, 107% on Cputs,18% on LULUcalls,32% onThurs SPY trades and 275% onFri SPY trades. Now we all know that with the wins in trading losses also come, but as long as I am getting these kind of results, the wins are far out doing the losses. I must also add to this testimonial that the greatest part of this service is the teaching and dedication. You would be hard pressed to find anyone--ANYONE in the business with the wisdom and loyal dedication of Coach Mike. All of this in a chat-room group as friendly as you will find anywhere. This is not to mention the quality and dedication to teaching and guidance of Coach Mike's coaching staff.---Just a great place to belong!
Mickey McMahon,
(Thursday, September 05 13 04:30 pm EDT)

Can't brag yet on your 3 alerts that I followed that are up today because I haven't sold them. Can brag about selling SOL from your call in June at $2.05 and again at $2.60 in July. I am all out of it now and will look to enter again soon. In total I've done 4 buys and 6 sells on SOL for HUGE profits!

Lancaster (Friday, September 13 13 02:08 pm EDT)

From 9-6-13 thru today 9-13-13, my portfolio is up 18.97% off of 8 trades this week..glad you started your own chat room Coach

Loaded From Previous Website,
Nina (Tuesday, September 24 13 02:09 pm EDT)

Up almost 20% on my FSLR calls from when Mike alerted them.... Could have been up more, but I chased a little bit :)

Paid for 3 months of this service from just one of the items on his 50+ watch list!!

Loaded From Previous Website,
C (Sunday, September 22 13 01:29 pm EDT)

Scalped both NFLX and AMZN based on Friday's newsletter. AMZN was risky but NFLX held support and was a no brainer thanks to you.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Zack (Monday, September 16 13 09:49 pm EDT)

Traded your GS alert for a nice win early and traded it again minutes after selling for another 75% winner. You are doing great Coach

Loaded From Previous Website,
(Thursday, September 05 13 07:01 pm EDT)

Not sure if I should break them up or not but here you go Coach. CVX options trade last week from chat I banked 170% profit.

Zack (Thursday, October 10 13 11:03 pm EDT)

Sold NKE calls for about 30% gainer. Thanks Coach

Loaded From Previous Website,
(Thursday, September 05 13 04:26 pm EDT)

Another great day in chat... made close to $500 on 3 small trades today!! Learning so much!!
The best part is that he is honest and works very hard round the clock doing classes/webinars in the chatroom. He is available during and off market hours for live consultation and analysis. The best part is that he moulds you into an independent trader while guiding you all the way, anytime you need help.

If you wish, you could get hold of me in the chatroom, and I'll be happy to explain my position.

Mike G (Tuesday, September 10 13 11:10 am EDT)

Sold FSLR calls on your alert from 3.30 to 4.10 for me. Thanks Coach!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Cudos to CoachJohn for the SPY strangle today. I scalped LNKD as well as SPY today. Made it both ways on the SPY with the calls as well as the puts. I had to sell my puts early due to having to leave but came back and in just a few minutes was able to scalp another $100 from it.
CashOnly (Sunday, December 15 13 01:17 am EST)

Well this is the first comments I have ever written about a stock room and I have been in several. I must say when I came here I was a total wreck emotionally. Can't say much for my trading account either. I was in another penny stock room where CoachMike was a moderator, I never really listened to him because I had pretty much made up my mind that I would stop with penny stocks and learn options. Mike had also become a moderator of the options room I joined, but by the time I joined he was leaving. So here I am after discovering he created his own trading room. I finally signed up in November but after another bad "market month", I was ready to leave and cancelled my subscription. I received a personal email from CoachMike that reflected his concern for my leaving. I was visiting family for Thanksgiving and started to not even answer him thinking, well here we go someone who just wants my subscription money. I have never been so wrong in all my life and was humbled by his kindness and offer to me.
So I came back in the room and had a small winning trade on DOW and C.
Mike was so concerned that he created a group within the chat room called "Focus Group" just to help me and others alike who have been struggling. He has even set himself up to make the trades with us.
I truly can't say enough good things about this room and CoachMike. He is always and I mean always here to teach and guide us through trades during trading hours and into the wee hours of the morning. I guarantee you will never find another site like this one.
I retired from the military in 2001 and lost myself emotionally. I never ever thought I would find a place where I belonged again until I found CoachMike. Or maybe, just maybe he found me and knew I needed a place to call home.
This site is not just about the trades, it's also about building confidence, teaching patience, making the right decisions, and learning from someone who is genuine and honest. I cannot say that about any other site. In fact after cancelling my subscription from another room I received an email that said sad to see you go, wish you the best, and that you may return sometime. I did not depart on bad terms but that room was simply about scalping options with all the hoopla from everyone who was supposedly winning but no one would ever admit when they had losers. I was taught nothing there that I had not already learned on my own.
I love that this group is small and I can actually say I have a one on one mentor.
You will see me posting on here from now on, I guarantee it.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Mike, nice SPY scalp trade today! In at .57 and out at .82. $130, after fees, for a partial day trade! Thanks, Coach!
(Thursday, September 05 13 11:46 pm EDT)

I haven't even had the chance to try out the chat room between work and being a mom. But I follow Coach's watch lists and the trade plans he sends out. He puts a ton of work in providing really idiot proof data that gives you a full look at your risk so that you have that understanding of where to stop out at. And he focuses only on trades that are so close to support that a stop out has a super minimal loss. I've made money on a ton of his trades over the past few months. I am happy he added a chat service even though I am unable to really participate with it, but for the price of his service to provide me with trade plans alone, I have found it worth it for sure. I have never been a part of any service that puts out an average of a 40 page novel on Sunday nights giving full detail of what to watch, how to watch and trade as well as supporting fundamental data and caution to market conditions. If it weren't for his efforts I could not trade period. Thank you Coach and I am so happy to have found you!

Becky H,
Cliff (Tuesday, October 01 13 04:15 pm EDT)

Great call on the lotto play today which I turned into a scalp. Also good call on GE as it is up almost 20% already!

Loaded From Previous Website,
AWESOME SPY DAY!!! In two trades for each 100% last trade was out even for just my fees.
Ricahrd Mini Me,
Nina (Thursday, October 10 13 02:44 pm EDT)

Out of NKE calls for a 39% gain after fees. Thanks so much Mike- you're the best!!

Jacob (Thursday, October 10 13 01:37 pm EDT)

Free shares now on NPHC!

Mike G (Thursday, October 10 13 01:36 pm EDT)

Thanks Coach... Through all this BS from the gov't you have helped me to be even or up on all my positions still. I wish I had found you when I started. Then I would have the $50k I started with and not the $8K I had when I started with you. But I hit $20k last week so I can't complain. You will have me there in no time.

Zack (Thursday, October 10 13 01:32 pm EDT)

QIHU calls Coach. I followed you and held through the down days. Sold my 2 calls at 4.50 from 4.00 buy and that's a winner! phew

Edward (Tuesday, October 08 13 09:37 pm EDT)

Ok Coach I give up. As you know I have a very large account, but when I met you it was no longer as large as it once was. I've followed you for 5 months now as a member of your "Play Caller" service. Granted it is more expensive than the others but well worth it. You tell me what stock to buy and why. What price to make my buys, and what price to make my sells. I was in INSY with you. I bought on your recommendations at $12.00 , $13.65 and $14.50. Also on your recommendation I sold about 75% of my position today. One thing I want to tell people no matter what size account they have. To see this guy put out an excellent newsletter alone that I personally know for a fact has him working 15-20 hours per day, he also runs a chat room where from the look of it he busts his butt there all day. He then finds time to call me, email me and text me to offer the service level I am a member for. Well we sold INSY today around $53 per share. And I will tell you that my first buy was $50k, second buy was $35k and my third buy was $15k. I will let you do the math on what my profit was. All I can say is that now I need help preparing for tax season! And I've never been so excited to pay taxes.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Jennifer (Monday, January 13 14 07:46 pm EST)

Sold my first "higher priced" stock trade with you today. Bought F at $15.38 and sold it at $16.45. I have to admit, I like that even when it kinda sucked for a couple days, it didn't suck that bad. Might have found some trading I like better than the cheapies.

Adriana (Monday, January 13 14 07:37 pm EST)

I make trade JOEZ. I buy at $1.07 sell $1.27. You do good job for me Coach.

Daniel (Monday, January 13 14 07:29 pm EST)

Nice call on JOEZ. In at $1.06 and out at $1.28

Becky H (Monday, January 13 14 07:14 pm EST)

Never messed up so good in my life. After you answered my email today I sold my LMT 1/18 $140 calls at 13.50 from a 3.00 buy off your alert. Missed your sell a few weeks ago that was great profit too, but I am really happy with this one myself!

Tim L (Saturday, January 11 14 02:54 pm EST)

Recently I had success with CVX puts with a 56% gain. I have been a member since the latter part of 2013. My stock picking has been dismal since the internet bubble burst in 2001. I never really learned how to find trades on my own. Coach Mike teaches you how to fish "so to speak" instead of just giving you what to buy when. Mike is a passionate teacher and loves to see people succeed in learning how to pick stocks. I am starting to understand how stocks move on a chart and what to look for. It is a learning process but if you take the time to learn you WILL succeed.

Moss (Friday, January 10 14 02:36 pm EST)

With careful position sizing, a lot of patience and sticking to the plan, I managed to make a 60% win on CVX puts.

Thanks Coach for the guidance and keeping a check on my itchy fingers!

Loaded From Previous Website,
(Thursday, September 05 13 04:09 pm EDT)

Sold a bit more of my YGE today at $5.60. I have nice profit, I have free shares, time for steak and lobster

Tim (Monday, September 09 13 11:41 pm EDT)

Oh wow LLEN just blew up and the Coach got us in and out safely and with HUGE profits! Thanks Coach

Loaded From Previous Website,
(Thursday, September 05 13 07:09 pm EDT)

Traded AMZN and LNKD calls today based on your commentary. Small gain on AMZN and even though those LNKD $250 calls went 1140% I hit about 450% on the $245 calls. Your charting is amazing.

Robert (Wednesday, September 11 13 02:21 pm EDT)

Just sold half my RSH as you alerted for a nice gain.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Sold my GS puts today and made 75 bucks. Then my first SPYday I personally made mistakes. I'm learning and that is why I'm here. I made 4 buys today with my top being a 300% gainer. My profits off the spy today were after the fees 75, 180, 1215, 335 . All together I made $1880 today with mistakes! Coach your service is so well worth the money. I Thank so much!
Ronald S,
Mike, thanks for the alert on GS puts today. Picked up 4 GS 162.50 puts at .67 and out at 1.04! After fees, it was 43% profit on the trade, You just keep helping me build my account every day! Thanks a lot!
Howard H.,
Sweet trades on SPydy Friday today! Made the strangle play to start off with calls and puts, Made the 2nd and 3rd calls buys. After taking into account a total loss on the calls, I still netted 154% on a one day trade! Super day, even though I didn't take the fourth buy which you all got over 100%! Thanks for all your help on these trades!
Coach Mike, thanks for all you do for us!

Howard H.,
Cocch killed it on CVX!! This guy is just pure amazing! Great Coach and a great friend to have!
Jennifer (Monday, September 30 13 09:32 pm EDT)

Nice trade on LDK from the watch list. I bought at $1.52 and sold about 3/4 of my position at $1.85

Loaded From Previous Website,
Daniel (Monday, September 23 13 09:16 pm EDT)

So over the past month I've pretty much made enough to pay for the kid's college. Where were you 3 years ago when I was in college? Problem is though that I have no kids. Any single ladies out there want to help out with that?

Loaded From Previous Website,
CVX all day coach! In at .24 out at .43
Mini Me "Richard",
Robert (Wednesday, October 16 13 06:17 pm EDT)

Another great NTEK trade Coach

Tim (Wednesday, October 16 13 05:02 pm EDT)

Coach, don't worry about what those ihub idiots say about you with NTEK. I have traded all of your last 5 alerts and make a killing on it as well as have free shares on it.

Daniel (Wednesday, October 16 13 04:34 pm EDT)

Traded NTEK with you again Coach. In at .13 out at .1481. You really do know about this bad boy!

Jennifer (Wednesday, October 16 13 01:12 pm EDT)

Another winner on NTEK

Tim (Wednesday, October 16 13 12:14 pm EDT)

Sorry I am a little late on the testimonial. Was a nice big with on RVLT on your sell alert the other day.

Mike G (Wednesday, October 16 13 12:13 pm EDT)

Made money on YELP and P calls. Wish I would have done BEAV with you too.

Zack (Wednesday, October 16 13 12:13 pm EDT)

P and BEAV calls for big profits. Thanks Coach

Loaded From Previous Website,
Thank you Coachnina for LULU alert i went in 1con make 100% profit . Thank you
(Saturday, August 03 13 11:58 pm EDT)

I got to know Coach from another venue, and joined his service after working with him for just a few days. His knowledge of the market and how stocks move is extraordinary. I decided to stop trading my own theories and just follow his advise and guidance to see how I do. In 1 1/2 weeks, I have increased my portfolio by 50%, with 40-250% options trades, and expect to have it doubled by 1 month. His daily watchlists alert me to stocks and options I did not previously consider, and I love his advise on how to trade each one. I highly recommend Coach's services, regardless of you portfolio size. I plan on being a member for a long time!

Howard Hampson,
Alexander (Sunday, February 09 14 08:55 pm EST)

Coach I must say I was at witts end recently. I have been to crazy with my buying selling. I buy on many of your alerts but I am easily scared due to experiences in other services and I have been selling only to see me take small losses and you all still take wins. This past week I told myself I wasn't going to do that and I have to tell you I feel really good coming into this week after doubling my entire account on 3 trades just Friday. I know you didn't make the third buy on SPY calls, but you talked so much about it that I did. Ironically I never made the strangle play on puts simply because I wanted to be greedy. I understand now why you did though and why I will in the future. But I bought SPY calls at .20, .07 and .22 and sold half of them at .52 and held the other half until the end of the day where I sold at .74. Not just a little gainer huh!!! can't wait now as I have a renewed vigor about me.

Cliff (Friday, February 07 14 07:02 pm EST)

SPY scalps was a big hit today. Had to leave early causing me to sell before the big "pop" but I still managed 100% gains.

Scott (Friday, February 07 14 03:09 pm EST)

Hi coach traded the SPY calls today 10 cons in at .19 out at .56 great call cant wait until next friday .thanks for all the hard work.

Henry A (Friday, February 07 14 03:01 pm EST)

Good SPY scalp today Mike! Knocked back another 150%

Loaded From Previous Website,
Out GS swing at $1.17 from $0.80 for a quick 40% I like when swings only take 2 days Coach!
Alex (Thursday, September 19 13 12:08 pm EDT)

Nice sell alerts on RAD and HL. Followed you on both for profits!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Jennifer (Sunday, September 22 13 01:33 pm EDT)

Another winner with Coach on AKS!!!

Loaded From Previous Website,
njy113 (Tuesday, September 10 13 11:38 am EDT)

never in my life have I been up close to $200 PER contract. thanks to mike and his chat service my $YHOO contracts are up almost that amount. my portfolio is loving this service :)

Loaded From Previous Website,
Becky H (Tuesday, September 10 13 11:42 am EDT)

Thank you for the personal email you sent me about my position in BSX and taking some off the top. You knew I was at work and cared enough to let me know. Made about 18% profit on the shares I sold.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Absolutely great live trade on the SPY today coach on your SPYdy Friday day trade. Great timings to get in and out on that strangle. Made 200% in an hour and a half.

I'm glad I wasn't watching from the sidelines on this one.

Zack (Tuesday, September 17 13 09:50 am EDT)

Nice play on JPM calls Coach. Sold half on your alert yesterday for 42% and the rest today for 30%. Doing great

Loaded From Previous Website,
I started with the SPY and now I do GS and LNKD. I have made more money now just since joining in October than I made in a full year at my job. Remember I only started with a tiny amount too!
SPYday success! +500% out of spy for me, thank you for walking us through it in realtime through the entire day.
Richard S,
Howard (HighTop) (Tuesday, December 03 13 02:56 pm EST)

Thanks for guiding us through the BAC puts play! Sold half for 29% and the rest for 51%. Not bad for a 1 day trade!

Cliff (Monday, December 02 13 04:42 pm EST)

This goes to nina as well as you Coach. nina alerted DOW and after a down start on the trade plan, I stuck to the plan and was able to exit today with 50% gains.

Zack (Monday, December 02 13 12:30 pm EST)

Very nice on UA and DOW calls. I played a different strike on both but played off of your alerts. Thanks for great wins!

Daniel (Saturday, November 30 13 03:35 pm EST)

Traded both ACYD and EWSI from your recommendations. I went ahead and sold both already though as I was up over 20% on each and am not available this upcoming week.

Lancaster (Friday, November 29 13 10:19 am EST)

came back to another winner...In NTEK at .126 and out at .1722 for a quick 30%plus...maybe I should leave for vacation more often...CoachMike is the man!

Zack (Wednesday, November 27 13 04:19 pm EST)

Sold RAD 91% gain on options buying and selling on your common share alerts.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Moss (Tuesday, September 24 13 05:43 pm EDT)

Thank you Coach for guiding us live on chat for the NFLX day trade. I made $420.16 in profits on 2 calls for a 50% win within hours.

I really appreciate you being there for us almost all times with live analysis in your chatroom.

Loaded From Previous Website,
C (Tuesday, September 17 13 11:05 pm EDT)

Liberation!!! I just cancelled my subscription to both of the services you used to moderate at and am so excited to be reunited with my Coach once more!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Tim L (Friday, February 07 14 02:28 pm EST)

Ok. I can't wait to tell about the SPY trade today 2/7/14. With Coach's direction I made a profit of %95 on the trades. Dollar wise I haven't made too many of those trades lately, but I hope to make more. THANK YOU Coach!

Lancaster (Friday, February 07 14 02:15 pm EST)

what day is it? Friday equals 50.785% profit on the SPY..only in Coach Mike's chatroom...thanks Mike. I'm going to get my little boy early from school today.

Zack (Thursday, February 06 14 09:11 am EST)

Coach I have to thank you for a "lottery" trade you gave me Monday. I bought the DDD puts, not the ones you specifically said, but based on your recommendation on something I wasn't even looking at. I made 1150% on the sale when it gapped down under $55 yesterday. Thank you

Julie Klein (Tuesday, February 04 14 02:18 pm EST)

Just wanted to say another great day with Coach. In and out of multiple successful trades today, and yesterday we hit a home run with SPY puts - cashed out for about 130% gains. Better yet, I made 4 successful scalps of my own today for a tidy little profit of over $400. I was able to do this because of the tools I've acquired working with Coach over the past 10 months. Thanks coach!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Coach, Thank you for the tools of this craft. You continually give us new ways to trade so we can find what works for us as well as what works for the different tickers. You have changed my life and I know you have changed others in the Chat room. I can not tell you how much I appreciate everything you do for your members.

Thank you Thank you...

Scott Sterling (Tuesday, December 10 13 06:18 pm EST)

Picture this eastern Ohio Amish country yes with the horse and buggies trotting up and down the gravel roads and I'm in the middle of this man field building a 20 inch gas pipeline when my cell phone goes off, it's an alert from Coach so I read and respond to it and make more money in 3 (trading days) on his option swing trades than most people I know will make in a 40 work week. Coach I can't thank you enough the looks on the guy's faces was priceless.

Elaine Ingram (Tuesday, December 10 13 05:08 pm EST)

CoachM has a focus group for people with small accounts. He very helpful. He has a list for us to watch and trade. Our 1st focus group alert was GRPN options we help it for a few days. I sold mind I bought at .50 and sold at .80 calls contracts. I very happy about.

Cliff (Tuesday, December 10 13 05:06 pm EST)

Great trade with the focus group with GRPn. Out with 75% profit after fees. Job well done by creating the focus group.

Moss (Tuesday, December 10 13 05:03 pm EST)

After losing big I was so down on confidence that I feared taking even $200 entries. I was at the point that I was taking $150-$200 positions confident that I'll never see them again. I was gambling.

Coach comes to the rescue with his personal lesson to me at night while others learnt from it too. He helped me devise a system personally that I'm comfortable with and got me involved in the focus group. It's a huge sigh of relief! Believe me you.

Howard H. (Tuesday, December 10 13 09:55 am EST)

Coach, loving the Focus Group you have set up! On the group's first trade on GRPN, sold 3 of 5 of the contracts at 50%, and the remaining 2 at 62% for an average return of 54%. Great trade! Thanks for walking us through it.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Nina (Wednesday, January 29 14 10:02 am EST)

Great DOW strangle- sold the calls for over 100% and I really believe the puts will be looking good later on this afternoon or tomorrow. Thanks!!

Nina (Tuesday, January 28 14 08:17 pm EST)

Just wanted to thank you Mike for your patience and dedication to all of us in the chat room. You are the best!!

Burt (Tuesday, January 28 14 08:06 pm EST)

Mike, How come when I try to sign up for your news letter I get routed over to Super Nova?
I don't have anything in particular against Jeff but I did not make money during my 6 month with Him and I want to try a different service that's not connected.
Please let me know if this winning coach .com is you or if it's really Jeff.
Thanks Mike

steven (Tuesday, January 28 14 11:54 am EST)

Happy to make some $$$. Asking Coach Mike's opinions and make the trade myself. In GTAT at.45 and out at .65. I know I was in this trade before his alert(His alert was much cheaper) but still make $$$.. :)
Thank you CoachMike.

StockGuy (Tuesday, January 28 14 11:45 am EST)

Coach Mike and I have been working together for some time now. I have to stay that I trust him more than anyone else. 2 weeks ago he told him AAPL would bottom. To low 500's n this morning. It did!! He is AMAZING at what he does! Cares about he's students and you learn more than any other services out there!! Thank you Coach!

Loaded From Previous Website,
SPY Day Friday 4/4/2014 results:

Entered 189.50 Puts at 0.36 and sold them at 0.52 and 0.70, thus covering the cost of the calls and making a profit.. Afterwards I hopped into the 188.50 Puts at 0.13 and sold at 0.60 for a very fun SPY Day Friday!

Also used the SPY Day Friday strategy on AMZN with good results two weeks in a row! Thanks Coach!

Joe WallStreet,
(Thursday, September 05 13 07:12 pm EDT)

Up nicely and still holding on YHOO and FSLR calls thanks to you Coach. I should have probably sold some of the FSLR today but got too darn excited!

HighTop (Thursday, September 26 13 01:59 pm EDT)

Out the remainder of DOW today for 72% gain. Thanks, Coach!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Nina (Tuesday, September 24 13 12:52 pm EDT)

Bought $BEAV calls on Mike's recommendation, and up already 30% on my position. Thanks!! Nice return for a 20 minute hold!!

Loaded From Previous Website,
(Friday, August 30 13 04:42 pm EDT)

First Trade with CoachMike on AKS and its a winner!, Look forward to working with you and sneeber in future thanks Mike!

Cliff (Tuesday, October 15 13 08:19 pm EDT)

Just wanted to let you know with all your alerts and a few scalps along the way, my account is officially over the 25k amount as of this week. I can't thank you enough for all the teaching and effort you have put into this service.

Nina (Tuesday, October 15 13 10:46 am EDT)

Out of LNKD for over a 70% gain...!! Mike is THE BEST!

Tuan (Monday, October 14 13 10:44 pm EDT)

I been losing a lot of money from the other services. Finally i found Coach and Sneeb they are super knowledge with penny, option and swing trade. They help me a lot and answer all my questions regarding the stock i about to sell and buy. I sign up with them only 4 days now and i gain over $600 from BEAV option and stock NPHC. This is my first gain in 3 months. Not like other site if you buy a stock and the stock is down and you try to asked them regarding that particular stock they either ignore you or tell you why did you sell for loss. Here Coach and Sneeb tell you when to get in and what is your stop loss is. I am truly recommended 101% using there services. They protect your money like is belong to them so give them a try nothing to loose but in return you will be a happy trader and a winner so give them a try they are the best in the business. Thank you Coach and Sneeb for support and protect my money. And i make some money in return.

Becky H (Monday, October 14 13 07:39 pm EDT)

Another winning trade on AKS and RVLT. Thanks Coach

Jennifer (Monday, October 14 13 07:39 pm EDT)

Back in the free share game again on NTEK from your last alert. I bought at .095 and sold at .13

Zack (Monday, October 14 13 07:38 pm EDT)

Nice trade for us on DIS and V. I am loving it Coach! Keep making me money PLEASE

Loaded From Previous Website,
Becky H (Thursday, September 19 13 07:19 pm EDT)

Yay Coach! More money for me on RAD you are awesome for getting us in well before the jump!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Mike G (Sunday, September 22 13 01:31 pm EDT)

Coach I got back on FB after my last big winner thanks to your help via email and factoring my last profits in while knowing I was chasing it just a tad. Doubled my money again!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Jennifer (Thursday, September 26 13 10:21 pm EDT)

I sold the rest of DOW calls for 82% from the buy and did the DD flip with you too. Up 35% on DIS on that flip as well.

Loaded From Previous Website,
(Friday, September 06 13 11:24 am EDT)

Coach - Followed your recommendation in SPY today. Thanks for the guidance throughout the trade. Made 33% in a half hour! Woo Hoo!

Hey Coach, I sold 3 sets of options today off your Focus Group watch list. I made after fees a total of $570. I just wanted to say thanks. Where else can you go and learn about option trading and still MAKE money doing it. Thanks again, Ronald S.
Ron Swartz,
(Thursday, September 05 13 04:17 pm EDT)

Although I've made a healthy amount of money following Coach's alerts I won't talk about it in my first testimonial, because it's not even the best part about his service.

The best part is that he is honest and works very hard round the clock doing classes/webinars in the chatroom. He is available during and off market hours for live consultation and analysis. The best part is that he moulds you into an independent trader while guiding you all the way, anytime you need help.

If you wish, you could get hold of me in the chatroom, and I'll be happy to explain my position.

Mike G (Friday, September 13 13 12:25 pm EDT)

played both sets of your NFLX calls with you today coach. 30% gain and 60% win woohoo!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Howard H. (Tuesday, December 31 13 10:29 am EST)

Mike, thanks for the call on NQ yesterday! Took 2 $16 call contracts at .74 ($148 trade). Sold 1 today at $1.50 for 100% gain, and the second one is now free. Thanks for the leadership!

Adriana (Sunday, December 29 13 11:22 pm EST)

Coach I make only 1 trade in 2 week for focus group. I start with $400 about and was up $85 after 8 day. My 1 trade FCX. I buy with $100 at .20 so 5 of contract. I sell 2 at .38 I sell 3 at 1.00. I have double money now from start with you.

Daniel (Sunday, December 29 13 10:46 pm EST)

nearly tripled my money on those LMT calls Coach. Sold on Friday for 293% gain from your alert. Thank you sir!

Lancaster (Friday, December 27 13 01:17 pm EST)

out another position FCX for 33.26%....FCX focus group trade has been amazing Coach...nice call

Lancaster (Friday, December 27 13 10:33 am EST)

Added another 65 free DCIX dividend shares today using your free share strategy Coach...IRA is growing! She played just as I had planned from $3.72 to $4.13

CashOnly (Thursday, December 26 13 08:32 pm EST)

After making my Dec 15th post, I would just like to say Thank you Mike for the FocusGroup. Nice call on FCX, of course it made me nervous but all the more cautious. With CoachMike and CoachNina tugging me along, I pulled off an awesome return on FCX calls; .52 to 1.02.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Thanks to Coach Mike and Coach John for a nice SPY day Friday.

Entered the SPY Calls at 0.15, scaled out of them at 0.33 and 0.53 for a nice start to the day.

Joe Wall Street,
Robert (Tuesday, September 10 13 11:41 am EDT)

Sold half my AMD on your recommendation for a nice profit.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Robert (Sunday, October 20 13 05:20 pm EDT)

I don't even know where to start Coach. My entire time with you now I haven't seen a red week. I close out every Friday with more Money than I had Monday. To me that is such a blessing and something I was unable to do elsewhere. The last 2 weeks though have been life changing for me. I've seen steady gains with you for sure, but I finally got the confidence the past 2 weeks to go in just a tad bit bigger. I've never doubled my account before now. It wasn't that big to start with as I only had $5k when I came to you. I have cut it in half many times though before finding you. My account is at $13k now and was $8k just 2 weeks ago. You are a blessing to me and my family Coach!

Lancaster (Friday, October 18 13 05:01 pm EDT)

in RSOL on 10-7-13 at $2.60 out today 10-18-13 at $3.76 for 42.92% after commission..got stopped out of LDK in 10-17-13 at $1.70 stopped out 10-17-13 at $1.58 for (8.96%) loss...can't win'em all but 8 out of 10 is pretty good coach...keep the alerts coming bro! You the man!

Henry (Friday, October 18 13 03:14 pm EDT)


I'm sure you've heard the story before, "I was in XXXX other room and they
put the hurt on my account, now I'm recovering." I'm one of those
people... I've never tried or geared into options trading. On my first
options contract alert of yours that I followed I'm already up 30% and
there is still a month to go before expiration. Thank you! I truly enjoy
your chatroom and the knowledge that I have received more than covers the
cost of admission.

Once again, thank you!


Loaded From Previous Website,
Tim (Thursday, September 12 13 10:27 am EDT)

Coach played that EXMCQ you had on the watch list. bought at .08 yesterday and just sold at .19

Loaded From Previous Website,
Feven (Wednesday, December 04 13 03:18 am EST)

I've been waiting to have a really good winning trade to post on the site but It has not come yet... so here is my experience. I was really exited when I found Mike on IHub because I had no clue about trading stocks. Having been here for a month and a half I will say I know a lot more now about stocks than I did when I first singed up, but I have lost more money than I have made and I am down and now I am afraid of making a move specially on options. This is the first time I have traded options, I am very happy I am learning how options work but I have lost money in it... I have days when I want to just give up... but it looks like I am not going anywhere. I am staying here because I don't know where else to go to learn what Coach teaches for a very affordable price and find the individualized attention and care that is given here. I was very surprised when Coach sent a massage to Nina to tell me to sell my C calls while in the hospital with his wife. That impressed me... I feel like I am in good hands his lessons are wonderful I am learning a lot and I hope I will have more winning trades than losing ones... so I'm sticking with it.

Eric (Wednesday, December 04 13 12:09 am EST)

I signed up with you at 6:15 pm tonight. I was only able to spend about an hour with you during your lesson and I just learned more about trading than I have in nearly 2 years paying more money to another service for membership. I can't wait for you to post the video as I am not even looking at trading now until I know how to use these tools. I will watch that video and your others 100 times as my mind is simply blown away. The accuracy and precision of your trading tools are just simply amazing. I don't even know what to think right now... my head hurts and feels like it will explode soon. HOLY COW!!! I mean I don't even need trade alerts from you. Just keep teaching me!

Adriana (Tuesday, December 03 13 07:22 pm EST)

Joined Sunday had first win on a buy from Monday with BAC puts for an average of a 43% win on 2 different sells. Got second win on Tuesday with NFLX puts on a day trade with a 46% win. I'm hooked.

Loaded From Previous Website,
AdamTheContrarian (Tuesday, October 08 13 08:33 pm EDT)

I like many others knew Mike from another venue. From the time I first started chatting with him, he has always been extremely helpful, always answering any questions I have about stocks, and the markets. He is always there for you when you need him, I remember on many occasions we would have a evening class he would be with us for 5+ hours, after midnight he'd be doing chart studies, but would share with us what he was looking at and why, and help everyone try to find their own.

Now Mike has his own service, not bound by anyone or anyone else's stock trading rules. I have been here since day one. I know for a FACT that I am better off for it.

If it wasn't for Mike, and his service, I know I would have given up. Mike always has new interesting ideas he shares with us members, and always answers questions with the most respect and courtesy. I constantly Private Message him, as many others do and talk about personal issues, problems, and has always been there to offer advice and guidance in any way he can.

Mike's watchlists are quite extraordinary, his weekly Sunday watchlist rarely runs less than 50 pages with 20+ stock and options trades that he is watching for the upcoming week. He covers the markets in general, and many trade plans detailing why he likes the trade, with entry, exit and a stop price, for stocks and options. He covers penny stocks to big boards, no limit on stock price, so anyone can use his watchlist to suit their individual trading style. When he makes his alerts from his watchlist, he actually talks about it in chat live, posts it in chat, and puts it up on twitter (which when you sign up, can set it to get text alerts on phone!) Mike also had daily watchlists which include some from the weekly, but also new trades found throughout the week in which he has found worthy of trading.

While markets are open, he is pretty much on the mic the whole time talking about the markets in general, trade ideas, and lessons. I often feel bad for him, his throat and hands must be so sore at the end of the day. He puts a ton of effort in making sure we all have every tool we needed to be successful traders and investors.

I'll end by saying that even though I have only had the pleasure to work with Mike for about 8 months now, I am sure our relationship will continue to grow for years to come, because I know he really cares about me, and all of his members. Thank you sir, my coach, my captain.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Thanks for another great trading day! Took a SPY scalp this morning for 66% net, and scalp-traded LNKD for a net 81%. Also went in the FCX strangle play you talked about last night and CVX puts off of your alert today. Great day! Keep up the terrific leadership you are giving us!
Howard H.,
(Friday, September 06 13 12:03 pm EDT)

in AMZN calls at $3.10 and out at $4.85..nice call Coach

Mike G (Thursday, September 12 13 10:37 am EDT)

Just sold half my NTEK from .0735 to .093. Thanks Coach for another awesome winner.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Alex (Wednesday, September 18 13 12:43 pm EDT)

Been in and out of FREE from you and Sneeb talking about it. Just sold again for another 22% winner

Loaded From Previous Website,
Robert (Tuesday, December 03 13 07:19 pm EST)

You win Coach. I will give you that. Up until yesterday and today I was pretty upset about the SLV trade (which is pretty much a lost cause). But my last 6 trades have made up for 6 losses like that. How you stay calm when stuff goes to crap I have no clue, but I will hand it to you. I don't even care about that one anymore. I am in just 1 buy for SLV calls and that loss doesn't even touch profits from DOW calls, NFLX puts and BAC puts. Going to sleep good tonight!

Jacob (Tuesday, December 03 13 07:16 pm EST)

Made money on C puts from .72 average to 1.05 sell today. My first options trade ever.

Becky H (Tuesday, December 03 13 07:15 pm EST)

Finally sold ARC from $4.55 buy in to $8.52 sell all from your watch list and updating us on the stops. Christmas is going to be very nice this year. Thank you Coach

Mike G (Tuesday, December 03 13 07:13 pm EST)

Scalped me some NFLX with you twice today for 50% and 48% profits. Then scalped the calls after you recommended it later on for 165% winner. OMG thank you!

Zack (Tuesday, December 03 13 07:12 pm EST)

Coach I traded TSLA today from your watch list. I know you said when it gapped up that it was out of play for you personally but I am up 460% on 12/21 calls and I am already on free contracts. Holy crap buddy.

Jennifer (Tuesday, December 03 13 07:11 pm EST)

I did very well on the JPM trade from the watch list. 72% after fees. Nice profit!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Brandon (Tuesday, September 10 13 01:10 pm EDT)

Coach I went out of town for a week for a family emergency. Got back today and found out you already said to sell the NKE calls. I got in on your alert at .85 and sold at 1.75 for a nice double up!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Adriana (Saturday, February 22 14 12:39 pm EST)

You made me good trade again Coach. JPM call me buy .30 and make sell .62. I make good by trade you send me.

Loaded From Previous Website,
CashOnly (Wednesday, January 08 14 12:01 pm EST)

Jumped all over C calls again from .70 to .95
I know I'm not holding very long, but just the fact that I am learning not to hold through losers is an amazing feat in itself. Thank you CoachMike for all your support and encouragement. I have learned not to jump in everything alerted and to stick with a small group of charts from the Focus Group.
The room is rocking with alerts and before, I would be all over them. The patience you have taught me is beyond belief. Small account equals small gains and I will take that anyday.
Thanks CoachMike

Howard H. (Wednesday, January 08 14 11:59 am EST)

Follow-up on the SKTO trade, sold 1/2 of free shares for pure profit. So, this trade gave me free shares and profit! Love it!

Lancaster (Wednesday, January 08 14 11:14 am EST)

ERBB Coach I converted to free shares today, sold some for 118% profit, and still have 91,000 free shares...you da man! My goal is to make$2,000 off of $500

Howard H. (Wednesday, January 08 14 11:13 am EST)

Mike, great call on SKTO! Got in yesterday @ .008. Missed selling to free shares at your call because I had problems with Etrade and had to call them. Still sold to free shares at .013. Great trade!

Steven (Wednesday, January 08 14 11:10 am EST)

Thanks Coach for a lesson about free shares... Just took 20k free shares on SKTO at .013 from your alert at .0077. Just 1 night! Now, I can taste the feeling of free shares ... :)Feel much better with that... Thanks Coach!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Henry A (Wednesday, January 08 14 11:08 am EST)


I've been studying your strategies and following your alerts for the last 90 days; I started out a bit rocky as you know. However, having paid attention to the lessons; I'm averaging 78% profits on my trades now.

THANK YOU! I would recommend your service (and have) to all the people I know who are traders!

Richard Marquart (Wednesday, January 08 14 11:07 am EST)

STKO bought at .0075, sold at .012. Not a bad gain for less then 24hrs

Alex (Tuesday, January 07 14 04:59 pm EST)

Out YGE shares from $4.41 to $7.38. You good Coach!

Daniel (Tuesday, January 07 14 04:28 pm EST)

I got all out of YGE and AMD today. Big profits on both. Thanks Coach!

Julie Klein (Monday, January 06 14 05:40 pm EST)

I just wanted to say thanks for all of your assistance and fantastic service Coach. With your help, I am finally learning how to stand on my own some of the time. I have worked hard to make more of my own trades and less alerted trades, but I appreciate that you are willing to give me your detailed input on every single one of them. Not one email or chart request goes unanswered. I was recently doubting one of my trades and you looked at the chart and told me to hold. I did, and was able to cash out a nice 15% gain just a week or so later. I would have sold for even had I not had your input. Of course I don't ignore your alerts, and just cashed out KWK calls for a nice 20% gain. A big thanks for putting so much time and effort into the service. If anyone is reading this and wondering whether or not they should give this service a try, DO IT!!!! I plan on being a member here for as long as I am a trader.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Edward (Tuesday, October 01 13 12:41 pm EDT)

Big wins Coach for RSOL and CSUN for me. Have never in my life sold anything in less than a month but those huge wins could not be avoided!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Mike G (Friday, January 24 14 07:28 pm EST)

Coach Mike goes far above and beyond to mentor and teach his members how to analyze charts, makes himself available to answer your questions, and of course provides the alerts that payoff. The cost of this service (for a year!!!) was paid for in my first week of trade profits!

Bought 10 C Feb 22 '14 $55 Call(C) @ $0.34
Sold CALL C 02/22/14 55 (net -$265.37)
Bought 10 C Feb 22 '14 $50 Put(C) @ $0.65
Sold PUT C 02/22/14 50 (net $984.59)
Bought 5 AAPL Jan 24 '14 $565 Call(AAPL) @ $0.44
Sold to close AAPL (net

Many other trades still open. Will list my progress with regular frequency.

Thanks Coach!

Richard Marquart (Friday, January 24 14 07:26 pm EST)

Overview of a fun day of trading. Dumped some a couple losers. Overall fun day!
SKTO - Bought@.022 Sold@.0269
FSLR- Bought@3.00 Sold@ .35
SPY - Bought FEB Puts@2.05 Sold@3.05
HEMP-Bought@.043 Sold@.054

Lancaster (Friday, January 24 14 07:11 pm EST)

in AAPL at $0.67 and out at $1.20...took 11 minutes
Mike G (Friday, January 24 14 04:56 pm EST)

Got me 130% total profit on the C strangle

Loaded From Previous Website,
Becky H (Monday, September 16 13 11:13 am EDT)

Took your advise on GST and sold half at $4.61 for an awesome gainer from buys at $2.80 and $3.32

Loaded From Previous Website,
Adriana (Friday, February 14 14 06:14 pm EST)

I make first day trade of ever today from email you send. I buy SPY calls and puts then more calls. Then I see email says sell and I get scared because I miss it. You sell at .68 I sell at .94 and do good from buy at .29. I give you thank again.

Joe W. (Friday, February 14 14 05:52 pm EST)

Thank you Coach!
Another successful 'SPY Strangle Friday'.

I jumped the gun a little and purchased the 183.50 Call and 182.50 Put strangle right at the opening bell. Afterwards when you grabbed the 183 Calls, I snatched those up too.

End result: Entered the 183.50 Calls at 0.11 and sold them at 0.31.. Entered the 183 Calls at 0.29 and 0.31 respectively and sold them at 0.635.

Bigjohn (Friday, February 14 14 05:42 pm EST)

Coach picked up 125% on our SPY play today total net profit. I'll take that any day. Picked up another 155% on XOM. All in all not to shabby.
The account is rising.

JohnLucas (Friday, February 14 14 03:53 pm EST)

I just wanted to say 'Thank You' for all your help. Today was a winning 107% gain on my trades. I have never had such a good day. You have taught me so much - patience, proper research, chart reading, and more. I'm used to losing, now I'm getting used to winning. It's a great feeling and I couldn't have done it without your guidance. For anyone reading this, believe me. I tried other 'services' and lost a ton. Sign up, review the training videos provided and take your time. Coach Mike will help you become a winning trader also.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Edward (Wednesday, September 18 13 12:35 pm EDT)

I don't trade a lot as I am one to invest my money in longer term trades. I have been with Coach for quite some time now and just sold most of my CACH position from his April alert for 88% gain on a $50,000 initial trade. Thanks Coach I can't wait to pay the taxes.

Loaded From Previous Website,
in CVX put average .27 out .39 thank you coach

also FB put in .69 out 1.10

tuan tran,
I used no more than $300 per buy on Friday and made a total profit of $1700 following Coach Mike. WOW!!!
HighTop (Monday, September 23 13 11:46 am EDT)

Coach, terrific call on AMZN puts this morning! Bought in at 2.80, sold 2/3 position at 3.94 and remaining 1/3 at 3.86. Thanks for the guidance through the trade!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Howard H. (Friday, February 14 14 01:47 pm EST)

Hey, Coach! SPY trade so far today has been great. Took the first call buy at .28 (a little late from your .26) and puts at .26. Made the second call buy at .31. I did sell the puts after the second buy. When we sold out, I made (after fees) 103% profit on the first calls buy, 79.76% profit on the second buy, and a 71.42% loss on the puts. Bought 3 183.50 calls at .33 and held for the afternoon. Sold at .48 for a 45% gain. Thanks, Coach for your guidance!

Cliff (Friday, February 14 14 01:35 pm EST)

Good scalp trade on the SPY once again. Sold some at 100% then others at 150%. Good call on XOM as well - in at .43 out at 1.03. Good week!! Keep it up.
Also, good call from Coach Gator on the F alert. Up 20% so far and counting.

CashOnly (Friday, February 14 14 12:57 pm EST)

This chart was not on our Focus Group, but I really liked (CAT) and still do, but had to let it go. Don't like the sideways action on it and if it comes back will buy back in. Made $30 on it, so happy for the profit. Learning not to hold if I don't like the action instead of holding for a loss. Straddling the fence with FCX but trying to narrow my loss down on it so I don't make the same mistake again. CoachMike is an awesome coach and teacher.

Catherine S. (Friday, February 14 14 11:29 am EST)

HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! Scalping the SPY with 114% gain and it's not even noon. I love it Coach Mike, you are the best! Waiting for next buy alert.

CashOnly (Friday, February 14 14 11:04 am EST)

OMG CoachMike is the bomb... Thank you Friday's (TGIF).
Look here people, I watch the chat room on my phone and my connection was totally jacked up this morning. Thanks to CoachMike and CoachNina for getting me through that nightmare. We rocked the room this morning. $235 after commish Coach. Going to wait a little and sell my puts.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Niklas (Friday, January 10 14 08:29 am EST)

I am up $1000 in my 3rd day of trading. I love this service!

Richard Marquart (Thursday, January 09 14 07:52 pm EST)

I bought into MJNA when coach alerted it @.17 and sold a day later at .22 right under one of my trading signals taught by coach. Glad I trusted his trading guidance as fell back down to .19 today.

Howard H. (Thursday, January 09 14 07:12 pm EST)

Hey, Mike - thanks for your guidance on the trade of MJNA. Entered it at $.173 yesterday. It didn't run like we thought it would, and I exited 1/2 at $.21 and the last half at $.198 on your calls. Small gain on the trade, but your guidance kept me from losing money on the trade. Before, I would have hung in with it and probably taken a loss. Thanks much!

Cliff (Thursday, January 09 14 04:45 pm EST)

Coach,I have to admit that your system of trading is spot on. I have used it time and time again and even though I still have losers, there are consistent winners! To name a few - DD, FCX, MCP, MCD, & ZNGA. My focus group account is now up a little over 30% and growing just by focusing on a narrow list of stocks and applying your channel trade system along with fib lines. All of the trades in my focus group account has been from the focus group list but not all of them have been the actual alerts which proves that your system(s) work. Keep up the excellent coaching and keep the play book up to date with great plays.

Zack (Thursday, January 09 14 04:34 pm EST)

Thanks for nice gain on DD. In at .62 out at 1.10

Edward (Wednesday, January 08 14 07:51 pm EST)

Got in BLDP from your watch list 2 weeks ago. Bought at $1.52 and sold today at $2.49. Thanks!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Mike G (Tuesday, September 24 13 09:02 pm EDT)

Hit some nice AMZN and NFLX scalps with you today Coach. Got in on 5 of your 7 scalp trades for profits from 40-73% on each. Loving it!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Knocked it out of the park again today. Huge win with our usual Friday SPY scalp. I also enjoyed a nearly 100% gain on my own trade with MSFT puts, using a trade method taught by none other than Coach Mike. This month I'll be celebrating my one year anniversary with Coach, and I'm looking forward to many more years of trading and learning with him.
Julie Klein (Spy Diva),
Becky H (Wednesday, November 27 13 04:17 pm EST)

Nice winner on RAD in at $5.02 and sold half my position at $5.90 thanks to you Coach!

Daniel (Wednesday, November 27 13 04:14 pm EST)

Sold NTEK to free shares again at .17 this afternoon. Another awesome trade Coach!

Howard (HighTop) (Wednesday, November 27 13 04:13 pm EST)

Just started with NTEK this last round. Entered at .135, added at .125, and sold on your sell alert. Nice call, Coach, on selling to free shares! Like having free shares. lol Thanks a lot for your guidance!

Nina (Tuesday, November 26 13 09:08 pm EST)

Been a busy few days, but I wanted to thank YOU for my CVX trade last week- bought at .25, sold at .81... nice 324% trade!!

Daniel (Tuesday, November 26 13 07:17 pm EST)

Big money my way on NTEK up 600% on my account since joining 3 months ago and NTEK is 50% responsible for that.

soundman (Tuesday, November 26 13 04:26 pm EST)

Coach has improved my confidence in my trades and also helped me with my picks and trading. Finally making some green on options! Thank you so much.

Loaded From Previous Website,
SPYdy Fridy I followed the rules put $1k in each leg of the trade and walked away with an extra $2640 from where I started. Also traded the GS 4/4 calls for 51% and again later for 44%.
Daniel (Monday, October 07 13 04:13 pm EDT)

Sold RVLT for nice profit and kept some free shares. Also big win on EWSI from .032 buy and sold to free shares at .052. Also sold WEST from your alert for 18% winner.

Jennifer (Monday, October 07 13 04:12 pm EDT)

Nice trade on EWSI. Got me some free shares in it now!

Becky H (Monday, October 07 13 04:12 pm EDT)

Got in GAME from the watch list for a swing trade. It beat all expectations day 1 and I sold 2/3 of my shares .02 from the hod.

Tim (Monday, October 07 13 04:11 pm EDT)

Coach I love your free share strategy. I now have them in EWSI

Tim (Monday, October 07 13 04:09 pm EDT)

RVLT another big win thanks to the Coach!

Zack (Monday, October 07 13 03:40 pm EDT)

Sold TSLA calls on your alert. 110% gainer!

Daniel (Sunday, October 06 13 11:22 pm EDT)

Learning to trade stocks and options with Coach... even learning to read with his 73 page watch list out tonight. Sunday night watch list is insane. Play it all week and he gives you the exact trade plans. I am not even able to go in chat much and just trading his watch list I am winning on better than 90% of my trade entries.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Zack (Wednesday, September 11 13 04:21 pm EDT)

Happy about more profits on them DD calls!

Loaded From Previous Website,
(Friday, August 23 13 10:49 pm EDT)

Now that the Coach and Sneeb have joined forces together on the same website I see nothing but great ideas and pure profits rolling in for all of us involved here.

Howard Weinstein,
And.... Another winner from my Guru coach Mike :)
Thanks coach! 110% Facebook!!!

Pman (Monday, September 16 13 07:10 pm EDT)

Morgan Stanley, I'm up $237. Thanks Mike!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Zack (Thursday, September 12 13 03:14 pm EDT)

Out on the NOC calls with you Coach. I will take 25%

Loaded From Previous Website,
(Thursday, September 05 13 04:54 pm EDT)

All out of the NKE calls Coach. Easy money!

Jennifer (Tuesday, September 10 13 11:15 am EDT)

I bought the Jan 2014 WLT calls you recommended in late August at .98 for 12.50 strike. Just sold them at 4.25 for my biggest win percent ever thanks to you Coach

Loaded From Previous Website,
Becky H (Wednesday, September 18 13 12:41 pm EDT)

Hubby played your CACH hold from April. He just sold and promised to get me a new car!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Zack (Monday, September 09 13 10:57 pm EDT)

GSAT from your watch list... wow... you called it perfectly to the price. I chased buying at .72 but sold at .855. Thanks!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Mike G (Monday, September 16 13 11:34 am EDT)

Just hit another 20% scalp on LNKD puts. Going to take a break until after lunch.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Mike G (Sunday, September 22 13 08:26 pm EDT)

oh my lord Coach I must apologize. I forgot to mention my trade in MA based on your watch list alone. I personally took only 213% of the 800%+ potential on the trade from your watch list because I got impatient and a little scared when I was up so much. Next time it is free contracts for sure! Thank you sir

Loaded From Previous Website,
Out CVX focus group trade at .32 from .33 and .22 entries..net 17% profit after fees
Robert (Tuesday, November 12 13 08:55 am EST)

Another winner on ARTX. Thanks Coach

Julie K. (Sunday, November 10 13 11:08 pm EST)

A big thank you coach, not for any particular trade, but for being exactly what you advertise. It's very refreshing to find some honesty in the stock world. Little by little, I'm learning bow to plan my trades and trade my plans. Your constant chart lessons are fantastic, and it's nice to see someone who trades by their lessons for a change. I so appreciate that you always give your members a chance to enter and exit trades simultaneously or often even before you. That's really putting your team first!!!

Evan (Saturday, November 09 13 10:06 am EST)

Coach I just wanted to say thank you for your free trial this past week. Even though the markets clearly sucked I made money on 3 of your alerts and the one I lost on was because I talked to you privately and you said to hold but I sold anyways. The next day RVLT took off and would have been a 13% gain had I held as you told me to day.

Zach (Friday, November 08 13 06:13 pm EST)

After a crappy market week I was so happy for that sell on C calls. I only got at your last buy at .23 so nearly a 100% gain for me and I just took the profits. Thanks Coach

Loaded From Previous Website,
Out GS puts +55% thank you!
Richard S,
Great Friday Coach! Made 350+ % on SPY $189 puts and %115 on $188 puts. I think I need to tell my boss I'll be sick every Friday since I've used my vacation up... LOL. Thanks Coach you are the best.
nina (Thursday, September 26 13 11:00 pm EDT)

In NFLX calls based on our trend line we discussed in chat today... 2 different times today, small positions- BIG gains... over $500 in a matter of minutes.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Julie K. (Friday, October 18 13 09:37 am EDT)

Thanks for the GE call alert Coach! Up nearly 80%and cashing in $600 in gains this morning.

Tuan (Friday, October 18 13 09:36 am EDT)

Wow another 100% gain for GE option from Coach Alert. Coach alert buy and sell. Since i joint his services all i see is green money. Thank you very much coach. Love it recommended to anyone who look for services go Coach. Thank you very much.

Becky H (Thursday, October 17 13 07:30 pm EDT)

Made good money on the P call alert. Thanks Coach!

Lancaster (Thursday, October 17 13 07:52 am EDT)

my account just keeps going up with your alerts coach...in QIHU at $3.50 and out at $4.89 ..in AKS at $3.98 and out at $4.35 and $4.38..bought on 10-7-13 and sold on 10-15-13 all while working a full time job...thanks Coach

Howard H. (Wednesday, October 16 13 11:20 pm EDT)

I met Coach Mike in another venue in July and he has been helping me actually make money in my account instead of losing money. (what a concept!) Recently I had to withdraw over 50% of my account to cover medical bills, and I thought I was pretty much done trading with a hit like that to my account. But I came back and followed Coach's advice from his watch lists and just doing what he told us to do in the chat room during the day. In just the past month, I have increased my account by 74%! I would say that's a great recovery!

Coach's watch lists are well researched and presented. His daily buy/sell alerts and "blow-by-blow" guidance through our trades each day is un-matched in any other chat rooms or services I have seen. This is definitely a man who knows what he is doing, loves teaching, and is truly interested in his member's success. I am blessed to have been in the right place at the right time to meet Coach.

Thanks for all you do for us, Mike! It is greatly appreciated!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Played a Friday SPY Put for 480% profit. THANK YOU COACH!
Tim L,
(Monday, September 09 13 09:23 pm EDT)

Sold P calls on your alert Coach. I know you said sell half but I only had a few and took about a 26% profit on them from a late Friday buy and sell early today. Thank you so much.

Mike G,
Jacob (Sunday, September 22 13 01:36 pm EDT)

Coach I am now 16 for 18 on my trades since following you and I can't even blame you for being down .01 on one of them right now because you said only get back in SIRI if you were already in it based on the resistance break and I bought anyways. Regardless the last place I was at I was lucky to win on half the alerts made!!!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Jennifer (Tuesday, September 10 13 12:15 pm EDT)

Sold some more P calls and down to just free ones now. Thank you for all you do

Loaded From Previous Website,
Richard "Mini Me" (Tuesday, February 18 14 06:50 pm EST)

Ok, So I can sit here and write about each winning trade and that's great and all but that isn't the true value of Coach's chat room. The true value is learning plain and simple. The countless hours coach spends teaching is simply incredible and honestly not sure how he does it.

Have a question.. answered!
Need to break bad trading habits? Oh, he will make you feel, uh, silly, and you will break them.

Just being honest came from getting all my trading info from "IdiotHub" a little over 4 months ago and in that time I have learned more about reading charts and trading then I ever thought I would. Did it come from just signing up? No, lots, and lots of studying but is it worth it? Absolutely!

If you want to work for it your in the right place no doubt about it.

A few of my trades over the last 3 trading days:

JPM Swing: Contracts up 50% sold to free contracts

FSLR Swing: $55 Calls in the money today will convert to free contracts at my fib target or failure of the new support or maybe just before earnings so I'm wearing my cup, Ha! Ha! inside joke.

LNKD Scalped: weekly put contracts for 100% last Friday.

There you go. That's it in a nutshell. :)p

Jennifer (Tuesday, February 18 14 01:07 pm EST)

Just banked nearly 800% on my LMT calls with buy at 1.15 and sell at 9.00. Thanks Coach!

Howard H. (Tuesday, February 18 14 12:44 pm EST)

Mike, nice scalp trade on GS this morning. Bought 5 calls @ .34. Sold 4 @ .50 for a 47% gain, recouping the investment and a little profit, and kept 1 contract as free. Thanks for working us through it!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Cliff (Monday, October 14 13 02:18 pm EDT)

Took the following profits today: NTEK for a nice 31% gain,DIS 34%, BEAV 37%. Up on GM, GE, AXP, CSX, DD, and P. Thanks for the alerts Coach.

Steven (Monday, October 14 13 10:40 am EDT)

Just out of NTEK from last Thu and made $258. Thanks Coach...

Lancaster (Sunday, October 13 13 07:00 pm EDT)

in DIS calls $1.95 Oct. 7th and out $@2.72 Oct. 11th 36.27% after commissions...nice call Coach!

John L. (Friday, October 11 13 11:25 pm EDT)

Coach, even though I have only been here a week, I am up on my trades greater than six hundred and fifty dollars. More importantly, you have and are teaching me how to trade and minimizing my risk on the trade. I have learned more in my one week here then in my four months at another site. For that I can only say THANK YOU! and you probably have changed my life.

Mike G (Friday, October 11 13 10:41 pm EDT)

GS and V... woohoo

Steven (Friday, October 11 13 09:31 pm EDT)

Hi Coach,
In fact, I am a Sneeb's member. But I've been learning a lot from you since I've join the chat room. So I need to say something to thank you to you who always treat us like your family members, always teach us with all your heart, and protect our money like yours. Thank to you and Sneeb, I can step by step know how to plan my trade, how to handle my money in each trade. I was with the other service about 3 weeks and I always lost $$$ and after I've been here 3 weeks I can tell my account gain & gain... Coach, you and Sneeb are truly my master now. Thank you Coach & Sneeb very much. Wish you and Sneeb always have luck and success.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Terry (Sunday, October 06 13 09:57 am EDT)

Been out for a couple weeks with work but hit it bid on your RAD, NTEK, ZLCS and RVLT alerts. And did it from a cell phone while on the road. I swear your abilities are not human.

Mike G (Sunday, October 06 13 09:55 am EDT)

Another big score Friday playing NFLX weeklies for 425% win on your alert Coach. I feel bad though... you charge nowhere near what your service is worth. To think, I used to waste an average of $250 per month for 3 chat rooms that offered not even a quarter of what you do and about that same quarter of winning trade alerts for the majority of members. Are tips at least accepted? lol

Edward (Friday, October 04 13 06:48 pm EDT)

Traded your plan on HSOL and AAMRQ. Up $25,000 in 3 weeks just on those 2.

Becky H (Friday, October 04 13 06:47 pm EDT)

HNSN and GSAT huge wins yet again. Thanks Coach

anu (Friday, October 04 13 03:11 pm EDT)

i came to know coach from other service where he used to be mod, i liked him from very first time he was taking class over there working till very late night , then just last week came to know about that he has started his own service , just shoot him an email and verified that's same coach , IT'S BEEN A WEEK SINCE I JOIN HERE ---TOOK SOME SMALL POSITION AND ON THAT SMALL POSITION ALREADY UP 20% ,COACH IS AWESOME , FULL OF WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE OF HUGE STOCKOPEDIA ....HE IS BEST AT READING CHARTS AND ALERTING SWING ,SCALP , OPTIONS , SNEEB IS GREAT ALSO AS SAME FOR NIKKO, i am glad to have found this service ..thank you and looking forward to very long relationship here

Loaded From Previous Website,
Marcus (Thursday, January 23 14 09:02 pm EST)

hey hey... Coach says sell FCX calls for big win and I figure why not play the puts. HUGE win for me just for following the focus group and learning these charts. 325% gain on FCX puts in just a few days.

Doug (Thursday, January 23 14 08:54 pm EST)

Coach I spent an entire year as a member of the same group but 2 different chat rooms. I was promised they would teach me things, yet they taught me only how to follow. I've done well on your trade alerts. But today I sold one I entered based solely on what you taught me and I have never felt so good about my future as a trader. A member with you for life. There is no doubt of that. I thank you for all you do for me.

Daniel (Wednesday, January 22 14 07:01 pm EST)

Just wanted to say thank you Coach. I left the options illiterate, I mean options elite group and have been getting spam begging me to come back cheaper. I have fallen in love with your focus group. For someone who works full time like I do, your alerts make it easy and your watch lists make it even easier to trade. I did well on DOW calls taking 250% gain, did a couple SPY scalps for 85%, 145% and 25% with you. Took a loss on a SPY scalp but was because I tried to buy as you were talking about it and not waiting for you to say buy. I even hit about 70% on FCX calls with you. The GE play hasn't gone so well, but you explained it as an earnings play and what the risk associated with it was. And I even traded TXN calls from Nina's alert and sold for 72% profits today. You are all great and I can't thank you enough.

Amanda (Wednesday, January 22 14 06:56 pm EST)

HOLY FREAKING DOW CALLS!!! thank you for my first ever over 100% winner! I took in 235% on my sale.

Edward (Wednesday, January 22 14 06:54 pm EST)

You are awesome! Got us out of AMD right near the high for really nice win over 30%. And RAD was really good too as I bought at $4.90 and sold with you at $5.85

Loaded From Previous Website,
Zack (Friday, January 24 14 04:55 pm EST)

Coach I hit 5 different SPY puts trades today in chat for 100% or more. AWESOME!

Daniel (Friday, January 24 14 04:25 pm EST)

That strangle play on C was genius. So what I took a 70% loss on calls... I made 224% on the puts!

BigJohn (Friday, January 24 14 04:18 pm EST)

Coach you are probably thinking why does this guy keep posting his SPY Options play? Well because, today, even though this was a down market, I was up 490% on one play and 94% on another. Thanks for your alerts. WooooHooooo

Howard H. (Friday, January 24 14 01:29 pm EST)

Sweet day on the SPY puts play today. Picked up 3 contracts, sold 2 for investment recoup and profit, making the 3rd one free. After fees (three transactions), I still netted $138% on a 3 hour trade! Thanks for watching it for us and giving us guidance through the trade. Also, really appreciate the evening discussions and chart reviews!

Jenelle (Friday, January 24 14 12:02 am EST)

After being on your free list for 3 months now I have spent the last few weeks attending these free night things in another chat room. I've decided that those people are fake, only marketing themselves to make them more money and don't seem to care about anyone. Yet I never receive those types of emails from you. So I signed up with you tonight and what do I see until 11:30 pm? You studying charts and calling members into chat to discuss some very important stuff you have seen in your studies. Talk about starting off on a good note.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Paper traded my TOS acct last week while my funds settled..first trade was Friday and by eod Monday my account was double...I learned to make this kind of money with you Coach..SPY and LNKD
Edward (Friday, October 11 13 09:09 pm EDT)

Coach, if you keep making me money I am going to be filling up your testimonials. SCTY I got in at $32.66 when you informed me of the buy. Sold today at $47.19

Daniel (Friday, October 11 13 03:30 pm EDT)

Made some money with you on V and GS calls Coach. Just shy of 100% on GS and 130% on V. Gotta love it!

Becky H (Thursday, October 10 13 11:16 pm EDT)

I have figured out the secret to successful trading. And Coach has shown me the light. Coach says buy, and I buy... he says sell and I sell. And every week since joining his service my account has gone up. Never ever in my short 11 months of trading have I been able to say that. In fact it always seemed to go down before. Before Coach I thought I was "green" color blind since I never seemed to see any. Heck I even was so desperate at one point that any stock I wanted to buy I shorted instead and even those didn't work out. Coach, I wish I could be in chat with you more than the few minutes a day I am, and maybe that day will come. You keep teaching and making us money. By the way Coach, as bad as the markets have been the past week and a half or so I have still increased my account 15% in that time by following your trades. No that isn't 1 15% trade. That is a total increase of 15% by following Coach's advise of playing small during this indecisive time. I don't know how to do it. You cater to all of us who are sending you emails or bugging you in chat and still find great trade after great trade. What I love most about you Coach, is you are ALWAYS excited to do it. I can't thank you enough for helping my husband and I get our house out of foreclosure. For that alone I will continue to scream praises to your from the roof tops. Anyone interested in stock and options trading that isn't signed up with you is really missing out. And this is no cop out type of testimonial either. I can't speak enough about what you've done in my life. My husband told me tonight at dinner that "we should really pay that Coach guy more than we do". I said "I offered a couple times already and he won't take it". Most of these other crooks out there would in a heart beat. Not my Coach! He has revitalized not just my investing and trading, but also my life. We were within 60 days of being removed from our home. My wins with Coach allowed me to negotiate with the bank to pay what we could and restructure the mortgage. And for 3 months in a row my trading alone has consistently given me enough to make several months payments each individual month. I went from losing my home to being in route to paying off a 30 year note in 5-7 years. You think this is all some crazy scam? Try it out for a month. You don't have to get suckered in for 3 or 6 months like the last place I was losing money at. 1 Month... less than you lost per week anywhere else you have been and believe me I have tried them all. I can't say it enough Coach. Thank You!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Jennifer (Sunday, October 06 13 10:10 am EDT)

Well it may not sound like much to most people, but I am excited. This is only a follow up to the testimonial I left on Thursday about my NTEK free shares. For the first time in my life I paid cash for a car. It isn't a brand new car, but it isn't 15 years old like my last one. As a single mother I have to watch every penny. When I joined your service I was not only working my full time day job, but also had 2 part time jobs. Since meeting you I have sustains growth in my trading account for 4 months now to allow me to quit 1 of my part time jobs and another month or two I will be quitting my other job. I bought a 2010 Hyundai Sonata and paid cash for it Coach. 6 months ago I honestly thought that would be impossible until after the kids went to college. But you helped me do it. I am forever thankful to you. And I am sure that after this Christmas my kids will be too.

Jacob (Sunday, October 06 13 10:06 am EDT)

Trade update Coach. I have now followed 26 of your alerts and I am 23 of 26 on them. Lost 1% on loser #1, 3% on loser #2 and loser #3 I didn't sell when you alerted it for a win and it gapped down the next day so that's my fault. So what does that mean, 23 out of 26 winners. Well, when I first met you in another service I joined there with $5000 in my trading account. I quickly hit a single trade that took my account to about $7500 there. I then went on a streak... of losers. I swear every alert I played there went from a loss. Many gapped down the day that followed the buys. My account was down to $1940 the day I joined your service. Proud to say though now in just 3 days shy of a full month with you I am back up to $4926.31 in my trading account. Yep I have more than doubled my account since joining you. And it isn't with just 1 trade here and there that goes big and down time is filled with losers. You literally kick butt every trade and you manage your losses so well. I love how you explain everything to us before the alerts so that we know exactly what the trade plan is, what the risk is especially, and allow us the ability to make the decision based on the risk you have stated. You advise us on riskier trades and even how much money to put in each trade based on percentages you have spoken to us privately about for entries. I can't thank you enough Coach. I was seriously about to quit trading before I joined your service. My wife was so mad about me losing so much that she nearly left me. Now she is excited too. You are such a humble man too. A true God send. You have already changed my life Coach! I went ahead and paid for the 1 year membership instead of the month to month you offer. If you will allow me a lifetime membership I would do that too. Keep up the good work!

Robert (Sunday, October 06 13 09:58 am EDT)

RAD, HSOL, RVLT and ZLCS big winners for me this week thanks to you Coach.

Loaded From Previous Website,
(Thursday, September 05 13 07:06 pm EDT)

You thought no one played it and I didn't want to admit to chasing. You alerted MJNA as a buy at .1355 and I took it at .16 but sold with you at .23. Nice one Coach!

Catherine S. (Friday, February 07 14 02:58 pm EST)

Whoo-hoo! Friday SPY scalps paying off big time. I love it Coach! TGIF it SPY!!!

BigJohn (Friday, February 07 14 02:54 pm EST)

Great job today Coach...Slammed the SPY for 450%, 256%, 120%. We did loose 100% on the Puts side as of right now..Great Strangle play...Friday is the place to be in CHAT ! Make you quarterly or Yearly subscription price in one Friday in Chat...WooHoo !

Cubflyer (Friday, February 07 14 02:35 pm EST)

Thanks to you Coach Mike I just doubled my account scalping the SPY GREAT JOB!!!!!!!

Howard H. (Friday, February 07 14 02:34 pm EST)

Great trade on SPY this today! Strangled calls and puts and made a second calls buy. Sold the calls and letting the puts expire. After fees and the loss from the puts, I still netted a 55% overall gain from the trade! Thanks, Mike, for stepping us through! You rock, my friend!

Joe W. (Friday, February 07 14 02:34 pm EST)

The Coach is definitely the real deal!

I joined this service last Friday and my red accounts have already turned green just from Coach's SPY plays alone.

This past Wednesday I bought SPY Puts at .38 and scaled out of them at .56 and .61.

Today we had a nice strangle play on the SPY where I purchased SPY Calls at .07 and .21 and sold them at .29, .52 and .54 to end Friday on a high note! Thank You Coach!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Mike G (Wednesday, September 11 13 07:05 pm EDT)

Nice profits on RSH, DD calls and ACLS. Keep them coming Coach!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Cliff (Saturday, September 28 13 09:06 pm EDT)

I like the way you teach - it is simple and easy to understand. I
consider myself an ok trader but have alot to learn. I owe what I've learned
to you and it is very appreciative of the time you put in to this for all
of us.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Zack (Tuesday, September 24 13 09:03 pm EDT)

Got in your BEAV swing with you Coach and have to admit when I saw us up 50% on a swing trade I went ahead and sold half my contracts.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Mike G (Wednesday, September 25 13 01:34 pm EDT)

FSLR 2.13 and 1.90 buys today all out at 3.10. Thanks Coach

Loaded From Previous Website,
Zack (Sunday, September 22 13 01:32 pm EDT)

BAC calls, NFLX calls, EAT calls and UA calls all big winners and all thanks to you this past week or so Coach. I feel bad to only be paying you what I am.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Daniel (Monday, October 07 13 11:22 pm EDT)

Well I read Nina's testimonial and said to myself... I need to tell Coach how I am doing too. When I joined Coach's service I have just shy of $1500 in my trading account. I was down big on what was nearly $8k 4 months prior to joining here. I had followed really bad alerts and even though that service always turned it around on me for losing, I simply couldn't get out of the trades after the sell alerts were made because of all the selling happening on low float sub penny stocks. I joined with Coach on August 23rd 2013. I now have $3431 in my trading account. One thing I've heard Coach say is that the amount of money isn't what is important, it is the percentage that matters. So cheers to you Coach. You have changed my life too. I know now I will regain all the losses I had before. I have confidence now and I understand more about trading. I will be at Nina's level one day. And it will be Coach that leads me there.

Loaded From Previous Website,
Becky H (Thursday, September 12 13 10:50 am EDT)

HaHa I beat you Coach. Sold my NTEK at .0936 from .073 buy!

Loaded From Previous Website,
(Monday, August 05 13 10:12 am EDT)

Coach..out FB calls profit 83%...nice call bro!

(Monday, September 09 13 05:18 pm EDT)

Hit up your MJNA alert today and got scared on 200ma pullback so I sold. Easy 13% or something though.

Mike G,
(Wednesday, September 04 13 11:56 pm EDT)

Coach I followed you on YGE from $3.78 and sold to free shares today at $5.30 and still put 15% profits in my pocket. Yep... I'm a believer!

Jennifer (Thursday, September 12 13 07:25 pm EDT)

Out NOC calls and ACLS with you Coach. Nice profits!

Loaded From Previous Website,
HighTop (Monday, September 16 13 01:46 pm EDT)

Coach - Just sold out 1/2 of my position on DD from your recommendation of a buy last week for over 100%. Balance of position are now free. Thank you!

Loaded From Previous Website,
(Monday, August 05 13 10:02 am EDT)

Coach..out P calls for 44% in 2 days of work...work being buy when you say buy sell when you say sell...lol

Out SPY day trade at .66 from .29 I'll can live with this everyday Coach!
(Monday, September 09 13 09:56 pm EDT)

Thanks for the late night after market sell alert on LLEN. I banked 30% or so

Nina (Wednesday, September 25 13 04:50 pm EDT)

In P this morning off of Mike's watch-list last night. Bought some options at .43 and sold this afternoon for .80- 86% win!! All I had to do was draw a line on my chart and buy when it bounced from that point. So happy!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Tim (Friday, September 13 13 12:07 pm EDT)

Sold NTEK on your alert for 22% gain yesterday. Thanks!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Jennifer (Monday, September 16 13 07:50 pm EDT)

Sold my RSH for big profits!

Loaded From Previous Website,
(Friday, August 02 13 10:51 am EDT)

Coach..DD...15 cons, 6 days, 278% profit after fees...one trade i just paid for your service for years..lol thanks bro!

Becky H (Monday, January 06 14 04:55 pm EST)

Thanks for SIRI and AMD

CashOnly (Friday, January 03 14 06:44 pm EST)

Took profit on "C" calls today 1.10 to 1.45. I had the Jan 24 calls not realizing it was a weekly expiration and did not move as well as the monthly calls. Caught the high of day. It will run more I'm sure. I wanted to hold into next week but am learning the hard way sometimes it's best to sell too soon. Thanks Coach. Focus Group watchlist.

Marcus (Friday, January 03 14 04:48 pm EST)

Joined you for trades on RSOL and YGE and sold both for over 45% gains. On top of that I've traded GLUU and FCEL from your watch lists both for gains and FCEL is really rocking.

Daniel (Friday, January 03 14 04:38 pm EST)

Got me some of that RSOL action Coach. In at $2.44 out at $3.61 from your alerts. Thank you sir may we have another!

Becky H (Thursday, January 02 14 04:17 pm EST)

Sold half of my YGE at $6.22 from your sell alert. That's up 43% so I am happy!

DoWattDaddy (Tuesday, December 31 13 10:31 am EST)

Another 100% options gain in less than 24 hours …. NQ up 101% on my options in one day .. thanks Coach Mike!!!!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Kevin S (Monday, January 27 14 04:16 pm EST)

In SPY puts @ .90. Sold 1/2 @ 1.47 and 2nd 1/2 @ .98. Best day in a while. Thanks Coach.

Mike G (Monday, January 27 14 01:44 pm EST)

Another great day trading with CoachMike.
Bought 30 SPY puts @ .97 average and sold @ 1.10 for a profit of $350

Cliff (Friday, January 24 14 11:11 pm EST)

Coach I followed you alerts today on the SPY and even though it seemed like the market was a blood bath, the SPY as well as my lnkd scalps put some green into the account. Your knowledge of the SPY is unparalleled. Thank you for all that you do and are doing with your service and your members.

Mike G (Friday, January 24 14 07:30 pm EST)

Another quick winner
30 SPY Jan 24 '14 $185 Call(SPY) @ $0.24
30 SPY Jan 24 '14 $185 Call(SPY) @ $0.30
(Net $113.72)

Loaded From Previous Website,
Follow-up on the previous posting - Also took the SPY alert on 184 puts. Bought at .49 and sold at .89 for a 71% gain after fees. Way to go, Mike!
Howard H.,
(Friday, August 30 13 02:28 pm EDT)

I've been following Mike since before he started his own chat service, and it is probably the best thing I have ever done in terms of my trading career. I have gone from purely scalping options to learning how to swing options and stocks successfully. I now have a diversified portfolio which will allow me growth in the future while still allowing me to day trade and grow my account shorter term. I previously had to be a member of two different chat-rooms so that I was able to get alerts on penny stocks, big board stocks, and options. I paid over $150 a month- now I can just focus on this one room and pay a fraction of what I did. I'm telling you guys- the education alone that you will gain by joining his chat room is worth 10x the membership costs alone. One swing trade with Mike will pay for months of this service... I literally can't recommend this room enough!

SPY strangle 32% win today. Friday 3/22/14
Thanks Coach MIke

Tim L,
Alex (Saturday, September 14 13 10:25 am EDT)

Played your alerts this past week on AMD, LLEN, SIRI, ACLS, NTEK, MJNA and RSH. Every one of them was a winner and I am pumped!

Loaded From Previous Website,
Lancaster (Friday, February 21 14 03:30 pm EST)

Crappy SPYday today..lost 100%. Sometimes it just doesn't give us a win Coach. I'll trade it with the same amount next Friday. On the bright side, it was profit from the last two Fridays.

Mike Gorgolinski (Friday, February 21 14 03:27 pm EST)

Played Friday Spyday
Note: I wasn't able to buy in at the Coach's alert price as I entered the trade a little bit late.
bought 300 SPY Feb 22 185.50s @ avg .08 stopped out at .03 ($2087 loss)
bought 75 SPY Feb 22 183.50s @ .08 let them expire ($660 loss)

tuan (Friday, February 21 14 03:23 pm EST)

loss $400 on SPY put and Call today

Lancaster (Wednesday, February 19 14 12:14 pm EST)

Out P calls for 161.27% pure profit and still got the puts...winning is really fun Coach. Your service is great!

Loaded From Previous Website,
(Thursday, September 05 13 07:08 pm EDT)

Made bank on this NPHC trade Sneeb has been on heavy. Riding free shares now!

Nina (Tuesday, October 01 13 10:42 am EDT)

Beautiful quick morning scalp for over 25% in NFLX!! Nice way to start the morning. Not to mention I'm already up in both my swing positions we entered into this morning :)

Loaded From Previous Website,
Steven (Wednesday, October 23 13 09:59 am EDT)

First time ever play option... and I win 54% .. in GE at .35 out at .54. Got 54% gain... Thanks Coach. YOu are the best Coach...

Edward (Monday, October 21 13 05:03 pm EDT)

FSLR and SCTY common shares. Coach you are just amazing. In just a few months with you now I am about to have doubled a seven figure account.

Becky H (Monday, October 21 13 05:02 pm EDT)

Sold RSOL and RSH today on your alerts for nice profit.

Daniel (Monday, October 21 13 05:01 pm EDT)

Was so glad RSH jumped for us. I sold all for nice profit.

Daniel (Monday, October 21 13 11:50 am EDT)

Out on RSOL at $4.30 on your sell alert. Got in at $2.68 on your buy alert. Thanks!

Gator (Monday, October 21 13 08:55 am EDT)

Thanks to Coach Mike and his option swings teachings I have been able to step off the AAPL scalping reservation and post my first "successful" options swing trade on GE Nov/16 $25 strike 10 contracts from .26-.58 s2s but I'll take that any day,looking forward to doing it again this week,Thanks Coach Mike you Rock!

Loaded From Previous Website,
John L. (Friday, December 13 13 08:24 pm EST)

I would just like to comment on the teaching's from Coach Mike. I and I am sure I speak for others in the chat room, that your daily lessons are having an impact on how we trade. Other rooms may give alerts, but your teachings of not only ready charts but the Indices are second to none. It's one thing to learn how to trade, its another to learn when to trade. Thank you.

John L. (Friday, December 13 13 08:21 pm EST)

Coach, I think this focus group will go down as one of your greatest impact on the people in this group..Great Idea and great picks. I have cashed out on 3 out of 4 trades and the last one ZNGA, I cashed out with a 40% win ! FOCUS

Adriana (Friday, December 13 13 12:43 pm EST)

I am doing focus group with Coach. I have small funds. I make 4 trades with $100 each and funds now up $85 even with 1 of 4 trade taking loss. I am very happy because my little funds are up good percent.

Loaded From Previous Website,
I am a member of this excellent service for more than two months!No better trading place to be for sure!Last Friday was the first one that I took the Spy trades!Awesome results for over 300% overall!No words, only respect for CoachMike and his team!
Becky H (Wednesday, October 30 13 09:14 pm EDT)

Nice bit of profits on AKS.

Jennifer (Wednesday, October 30 13 12:43 pm EDT)

Sold yesterday on your alert but now have more free shares of NTEK on that nice run! Great alert Coach

Lancaster (Wednesday, October 30 13 08:47 am EDT)

Another winner Coach...INTC calls in at $3.99 out at $5.47...sweeeeeet!

Jules P. (Wednesday, October 23 13 04:35 pm EDT)

Not a bad week, got stopped out of MS +$236, AAPL +$664, GE +$220, RSOL +333. $1453 total, your picks and strategy, my trades. Thanks Mike!

Edward (Wednesday, October 23 13 03:50 pm EDT)

Exited FCX on your call from my $27.00 buy in. Thanks!

Becky H (Wednesday, October 23 13 03:49 pm EDT)

Nice 20% JASO trade

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Christy (Saturday, September 14 13 11:07 am EDT)

Got in AKS last week from watch list calling the triple bottom. Sold Thursday at $4.07

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I be used profits from option trade on many to buy me stock like you teach me. I have now 18 stock and still more cash for me from start. I love the service! I in PR and money hard for me to make before I find you.
Zack (Friday, November 01 13 11:47 am EDT)

Took 57% profits on your mention of NQ calls. Even hit 12% on your scalp alert but only because I missed your sell and it gapped this morning. Thank you either way!

Mike G (Friday, November 01 13 11:43 am EDT)

Nice trade on CVX puts coach. I took my 65% profits!

Zack (Thursday, October 31 13 04:21 pm EDT)

Another GE puts flip. Nice and easy slow and steady!

Mike G (Thursday, October 31 13 12:22 am EDT)

Thanks for another great EWSI trade Coach. I was out of town the last couple days and forgot to leave you the testimonial on sell day 2 days ago.

Zack (Thursday, October 31 13 12:17 am EDT)

Flipped them GE puts today for nice 30% gainer and bought again to ride for this next drop!

Edward (Wednesday, October 30 13 09:27 pm EDT)

I don't know how you do it sir. You told me a week ago to put a sell order in on my FCX at $37.99. Literally $0.01 from the top after my buy at $27. You are either a genius or lucky and I've seen enough to know it isn't luck.

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